January Happenings

Sunday, January 31, 2016

A first day of the month post and a last day post. That there is excellent blogging my friends. Oh well, maybe this will be a new thing. A monthly re-cap should be easy enough to keep up with!

Our January began with our New Year's celebrations. We did our little family party at home before heading out for the night. 
Candy, chocolate, chips and sparkling cider. What more could they dream of? 
 Savoring every bite of this special treat! 
 We basically did a repeat of our last New Year's Eve with dinner and party crashing to start off the evening. 
 Then we spent a couple of hours in a limo trying to use my new selfie stick, but no one was able to hold it steady enough while we were moving. So weird. 
 I took very limited pictures that night, but did manage to capture this scene. Yes, we went TPing. Don't worry, it was just our friend's house. All in good fun!
We were hit with our first major snowfall and thankfully it fell on a Sunday and Andy was home to play in it. 
 This guy could live out there. 
 Hadley was pretty impressed too but she has more of my genes when it comes to staying warm!
 Everyone's top priority was hot chocolate of course. 
 Fireside snuggles were up next. 
 Chased by chocolate snow ice cream! 
 About a week later, we were hit again. This time, Andy was out of town for the week, which left me in a panic. I cannot stand being cold, which makes playing in the snow a bit of an issue for me. 
 Thankfully, my kids understand. I think they knew they were covered. Baba took them out for some snow coloring and angel making! 
I prefer the after party of getting warm in cute jams! 
 This month brought something so very wonderful to us. These two have been playing so well together this month. It's amazing. It's almost like a lightbulb finally went off, and they realized it's much more fun to just get along! 
 Hadley has even been skipping some afternoon naps because they are so engrossed in playing together. While I realize this may not last, I'm so happy to see a glimpse of it. 
We jumped back into our activities this month with swim lessons...
 ...and soccer Saturdays! 
 And we rounded out the month with our school's Gala. 
 Finished the month the same way we started...partying with our friend fam! 

Hopefully I will get back into this blogging gig come February, but if not, see you at the end of the month! 

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{2015} A Year in Review

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015...another great year for us! 

In January, we rang in the New Year with our littles and our friend family with special New Year's Eve celebrations. The kids both started swim lessons and we had a little more friend family fun with our Grown Up Pizza Party
February was a rough one, with sickness for days! Both kids had colds, ear infections and a terrible stomach bug that lasted 5 long days. The entire ordeal last 3.5 weeks of our month. Put the Sick with the Snow...and I was done. February isn't my favorite anyways, and this was a rough one. On the happy side of the month, Hadley started dance and we had a fun Valentine's Day
With March came extreme weather changes. We started out the month with a big snow then had tons of rain followed by warm enough days for shorts! 
More importantly, March came with Spring Break and our first trip to Disney World! It was an amazing trip that we will always remember. 
In April, we celebrated Easter and all the Spring Things! Hadley had a big month with her hugely successful Potty Party and her unfortunate trip to the ER for stitches in her face. 
May started off crazy busy with A Wedding, Recital and Mother's Day! Meyer and Hadley were the cutest ring bearer and flower girl in my cousin's wedding, and sis rocked out her first ever dance recital. We ended the month with our Hermann family vacation to Turks and Caicos! 
June brought my favorite season, summer! We spent lots of time poolside with our friends and eating popsicles. We visited Holiday World, traveled to Dallas for a wedding and saw Kenny Chesney in concert. Daddy cut Meyer's hair all off...mommy cried. You can read all about our June Happenings
In July, we started with our 4th of July Celebration. Then the kids and I spent a week in St. Louis with family and Meyer attended camp at The Magic House! We took a trip out to Virginia to celebrate my sister in-law's 30th and spent an adult only weekend at The Cabin with our friend family. 
Back to school in August, when Meyer started Pre-K and Hadley began her first year of Preschool! Andy and I celebrated 7 years of marriage. We took a trip to New York City to celebrate my birthday and then on to Virginia to meet our new niece, Evelyn Jo! 
The kids started soccer in September and we visited a nearby apple orchard for a little Apple Pickin
October is always one of our busiest months! Meyer turned 5 years old on October 8th and we took him to Disney World (just him and us) to celebrate! 
We visited the Pumpkin Patch with friends and did the whole Halloween thing as The Count and Abby Cadabby! 
November Happenings started with the March of Dimes Signature Chef's Auction, followed by our adult only vacation to The Dominican Republic. We cheated and started a little early Christmas tradition with the Polar Express. We rounded off the month with Thanksgiving, The Circus and our sweet niece's Baptism. 
December really started our holiday celebrations, but not before our birthday girl celebrated turning THREE! We had a Gingerbread House/Cookie decorating party for her. We did all things December first and then celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

And now here I am, wrapping up our 2015 year just as fast as it came! We feel abundantly blessed and can't wait to see what 2016 brings for our little family.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2016. 

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Christmas Day!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas morning at our house brought lots of smiles all around! We woke them up early to make sure we had enough time with just our family of 4 before we headed out for the day. 
Last year was the first year they were kind of upset that we had to leave all of their new toys at home so fast. I don't blame them, but we always have a busy day ahead of us on Christmas. 
They hit the big ticket items first. The dollhouse was a bit hard to miss, so they flocked there first. 
Then they spotted the robot! 
 They eventually realized they had actual presents to open as well. 
Santa delivered this year as promised with Meyer's new printer, which he hasn't stopped "playing" with since that moment. Santa was not really thinking about ink expenses at the time of purchase! 
Hadley got her "moving baby" and while I'm not sure this is exactly what she meant, she was very pleased!
After a full 2 hours at our house, we headed over to Mimi and Pop Pop's to see this excited little man! 
This picture was just too easy! Christmas morning happiness I guess. 
As you can see, the adults partook in the Christmas jammies this year as well, so a photo was a must. These two were happy to jump in for the test shots. 
Lookin fresh. 
Hadley got a "real baby" from Mimi and Pop Pop and it's among her favorites. This baby really does look and feel real. Thank goodness! 
Meyer opened ZERO of his presents because he spent the whole morning playing with Max's Smart Wheels garage. I mean the ages are 1-5 but you guys, how does one go from a printer to this thing? I would have never guessed he would have loved something like this so much. He got a Target gift card for Christmas too, so you can imagine what he decided to use it on. 
Next, we headed over to Andy's aunt's house for another celebration with the cousins. 
This was the first year that we didn't do Christmas morning at Gigi and Grandpa's house. While it wasn't quite the same and a little sad, it was still the same group of people and very very nice! It was time for a change and we will all get used to new traditions! 
This is when Betty realized they got an iPhone! They are now on Facebook too! 
...and this man, I just love him! 
...and these two! 

We wrapped up with Andy's side of the family and headed back across town to be with mine. 
 The kids got a new stage for Christmas with microphones for all. They were in heaven having their shows and making all of us perform. Meyer was playing music on a record player blaring on the outdoor speakers so they had to open a window to hear it, which then became their stage entrance. Between Meyer's directions and little Oliver's stanky leg, it was highly entertaining to watch! 
We headed back to Andy's parents for the evening and then home for bed. The day after Christmas came with the promise of jammies all day and no interruptions in playing with all of the new toys! I think that was my favorite day. 
We did church on Sunday, but then continued our weekend at home! 
We all had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too!!! 

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