A Hodgepodge of Happenings

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Every year about this time, I seem to get a bit of the blogging blues. Really, the blues in general, but that's for another day.

We have been trying to keep busy with indoor activities to get us through until Spring decides to show up for good. My camera has been a bit MIA lately, but here is a little glimpse of what we have been up to lately. 

Hadley started dance class about a month ago...
 She is totally loving every second of every class. 
 ...and looking fabulous doing so! 
There have been lots of cancellations due to weather, and she is so bummed every time I tell her. 

Hadley's class all came about because of a class Meyer has been doing called "Creative Movement". It's almost his entire preschool class, and they have so much fun. The little sisters of the group were desperate to be out there too, so they created a little class for them on another day. 

This is one of Meyer's favorite activities. 
 ...and a GREAT way to release some of the energy!!! 

I have both kids in swim lessons as well. Last year, Meyer had a hard time adjusting to getting back in the water after a winter off, so I knew I wanted to do winter lessons this year. We found a wonderful instructor and they are both loving the water and learning SO much. Meyer can swim all by himself on his back, jumps in and swims with his head completely submerged. This is huge for him!

Our other activities include Kindermusik and school of course (when it's in session that is). Hadley had pajama week last week, and she was 100% impressed with this idea. 
 I was out of town on Monday of this week, and she tried to convince Andy that it was pajama week again. 

We have of course had 375 snow days again this year. 
 Meyer was finally well enough this last time to play outside. This boy LOVES to be out in the snow. Daddy unfortunately was out of town the entire time, so he was left with me....and I HATE the cold. 
 But seeing him have so much fun out there makes it a bit more bearable. 
 We even found the perfect spot for sledding in our side yard. Why we haven't ventured over there before, I don't know. He had an absolute BLAST sledding down over and over and over again and I truly enjoyed watching him...despite the frigid temps. 
I eventually convinced him to come in for hot chocolate, but it was a struggle keeping him inside for long! 

We have been doing our best to stay sane during these long winter days, and we are SO beyond ready for spring to arrive! 

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Sick and Snow...you can go!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Let's first address my lack of attention to this little old space of mine. The sad and honest truth is this...for the last 3.5 weeks, we have been up to our ears in sickness....and snow! Two of my most favorite things...said no one ever. 

It all began early February when Hadley just wasn't acting herself. A fever and a grouch when she finally exclaimed, "ear huwt". 
Off to our first doctor's appointment...ear infection...no big real right? 
Five days later....this one crashes and complains of ear pain. 
We couldn't even make it to the doctor on this particular day...why you ask? Oh just a snowpocalypse.  So we had tons of snow on the ground, and this guy couldn't even go out and enjoy. Bum deal, but we improvised and brought a little snow inside for some ice cream! This began a week of school cancellations. 
A couple of days later, I get a call from Hadley's MMO program saying she was crying and saying her tummy hurt. NOOOO! So I go get her and this is what we saw for the next 5 days....yes 5...full days of sick. 
She was a sad pitiful mess who only wanted to sleep and cover up her head. 
Until the horrific stomach cramps and diarrhea started on day 2....then there was that. 
Oh and if this wasn't enough, we spent our Friday night at after hours for a bacterial eye infection. Fun times. 
So a week goes by...Monday morning...all is well....school is back in and we are ready!!! 
....and then we're not. 
He made it through school that day, but fell asleep on the counter eating lunch, which is absurd for him...like the craziest thing I've ever seen. This boy has never fallen asleep anywhere but his bed, couch or carseat. Soon after...the puking started....all the puking...and he missed. 
The same intense stomach cramps were soon to follow and lasted another complete 5 days! 
This was the craziest sickness. He would wake up feeling fine, eat breakfast, play and then about noon each and every day....BAM. Puke and down! 
...and not to worry, at the tail end of Meyer's sickness....I was hit with the plaque. Thankfully, mine was shorter and less severe, but still not fun. 

Almost a month later and everyone was finally good to go. Both kids were back on schedule all this week....AND THEN THIS....
Wait. Stop. Is this a mistake? Why did I just get a call that school is canceled?  Rain delay? Are those real things?

I need a drink.

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Be My Valentine

Thursday, February 19, 2015

February...my least favorite month of the year. It's freezing...I'm over winter, but it's not really that close to spring yet. Thankfully the month only has 28 days and half of it is full of all things Valentine. I think it's my only saving grace. Mimi hooked us up with these...
 ...and well, almost the rest of Hadley's February wardrobe to be honest! 
 Thanks Mimi! 
 We did this project last February and it was so fun, so we did it all over again this year. Each morning during breakfast, I told each kid a reason I loved them and wrote it on a heart. We taped them all on the refrigerator and now it's a wall of all the reasons we are special to each other. 
We also added to our Valentine craft collection with my little love bug footprints! 
 Meyer no longer naps, so he is around a lot more to help me in the kitchen. We stayed busy one afternoon making party snacks for his preschool's Valentines party. This was our first project where he productively helped me and it was great to have an extra set of hands. 
This was our yummy finished project! 
We also had big plans to make these candy kabobs together for his individual class Valentines, but an offer from Mimi to come play trumped mommy, and I was on my own for this one! 
 So much pink and red...so few days! Can you tell I annoy her at times? 
 ...but she eventually cracks! 
Hadley had a special Valentine this year. They had 2 school parties together that week, but still needed to exchange special Valentine videos on the actual day! 

 The kids were so excited to see their treats on Valentine's morning. This year, I did all things disney related to get ready for our upcoming trip. Stickers, games, coloring books, new iPad apps, and books. 
 This girl is such a trooper playing dress up with me! 
 ...and I just have to show you her lashes here. You can't usually tell because she is so light in coloring, but she totally got the same long lashes as her brother! 
We decided to take a little trip up to the family cabin for Valentine's night. Mimi had a special set-up for the kids that was SO cute! 
Meyer LOVES the cabin SO much! I didn't see much of him once we arrived because he and Pop Pop were so busy. 
 ...and don't forget little miss! She loves it just as much. 
The girls made dinner, we put the kids down early and played Mexican Train from start to finish! 

It was a wonderful laid back Valentine's Day with some of our favorite people! 

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