A 90th Birthday Celebration!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

We celebrated a very special man last weekend. My grandfather turned 90 years old. A man as special as he and day as special as this, called for a big party! 
 My grandparents...rocking this stage of life. They look great and are both in great health. What a blessing they are. 
 The whole Thomas family came together to celebrate, and we wanted it to be extra special. 
 The boys were even fancy for the occasion. 
{Brother, Dad, Brother}
 The little boys were no exception! 
 ...and I could've just eaten this boy right up! 
 This was the best I could get of the two of them. I was picking my battles on this particular night, trying to avoid meltdowns of any kind. 
 I had better luck with these two peas in a pod. 
 My grandfather loves to polka! My mom happily obliged. 
 ...as did the rest of the crew at one point or another that night! 
When Meyer wasn't busy cutting a rug, he kept himself entertained by lining up the place cards over and over again. 
The west coast Thomas girls and their guys looking as stunning as ever! How I'm related to these beauties, I have no clue. 
I mean seriously, Amelia....perfection.
 The boys all competed to see who could make the best speech or speeches (ahem...Chris). But really, they all had wonderful things to say about their father and grandfather. 
...and how could you not have wonderful things to say about this man? A kind hearted, soft spoken, gentlemen...just about as sweet as they come. He lives for my grandmother, always has and always will I presume. I'm proud to call him my grandfather and thank God for him each and every day. 

Happy 90th Grandfather! Here's to many more....

{I plan to be celebrating your 100th with you, just as I did as a child with your mom. Got it?}

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Thomas Family Reunion and a 90th Birthday!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Whether it be on the West Coast or in the Midwest, it's always a favorite time of mine...when the two Thomas families reunite. My dad has just one brother, so we are a small group compared to some families. The smallness of us though...is my favorite part. We met in St. Louis, because that is where my grandparents live. My brothers live there as well, but we stayed in a hotel this time around so we could be with everyone. This was the most popular place to be apparently during our stay. 
Happy as clams watching the highway! 
 We had a fully loaded weekend, beginning with a girls luncheon at my grandparent's place. I failed to take pictures during the actual luncheon, but captured a few cute ones before we left. 
My brother and his wife hosted a backyard BBQ on friday night, and here is just a glimpse...
The kids were loving the weather and being able to play outside all evening.
All kinds of shenanigans were going on...
 ...and wouldn't you know, if brother does it, so does Haddy! 
 ...and again, monkey see, monkey do! 
 Meyer kept himself entertained with the solar lights in their backyard. He quickly figured out that it wasn't yet dark enough for the lights to come on by themselves, so he covered the solar panels with mulch and voila...he had light! This kid is scary smart for a 3 year old. 
They prefer I not show his face on the blog, but I couldn't resist sharing these sweet cousins! Baba was giving them rides around the yard in a snow shovel, and they thought they had died and gone to heaven. Oh to be a kid again! These 2 are 2 weeks apart and are sure to be the best of buddies. 
My brother, Noah, took care of entertaining us for the evening. The whole place gathers together when he merely mentions that he has a story to tell. 
The real reason we all came together on this weekend was to celebrate this man. The reason this close knit family exists. My grandfather, who turned 90 years old on that beautiful July day. 
 A reason to celebrate, that's for sure.
 ...and believe me when I say, it was a sight (and sound) to see (and hear) when we all lined up and belted out "happy birthday" to the sweetest man I know! 
...and it's impossible to forgot his other half. My breath takingly beautiful grandmother (not far from 90 herself), who has skin that looks younger than mine!

More to come on this family weekend...

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