Palm Springs

Saturday, January 14, 2017

We have had this vacation planned for a while, so I have known it would be our first vacation outnumbered for some time now. It gave me a lot of time to stress about it. We are pros traveling man to man with two kiddos, but had no idea how it would work with three. Turns out, packing for three was the most stressful part! A few days after Christmas, we ventured off to Palm Springs with our "little" family of 5. 
 My parents were traveling with us, so that was a big help in the airport, but they were not sitting with us or near us on any of the flights. So, we split the kids and hoped for the best. I picked the boys and Andy got the girl. She behaves better for him and Meyer behaves better for me, so we decided that was the way to go. Baker behaves every moment of his life, so he was just like a extra snuggle bug for me.
 The kids did wonderful on all flights, and we finally arrived at our home for the week! The views here are just incredible. I think I was taking mountain pictures every 5 minutes for the first couple of days. This was our backyard.
Our first morning there, the boys wasted little time breaking in the hot tub. The weather in this area can be so crazy this time of year. You can wake up to freezing temperatures and then see 80 later in the day. 
The kids didn't care one bit that it was freezing outside. They were just so excited to be together and in a pool. Hadley and my nephew, Oliver, are only 2 weeks apart...they are the best of friends and had been looking forward to this trip forever! 
Our first full day was beautiful, with temps reaching near 80. The kids had a great day in the pool and Baker spent his first long amount of time outside enjoying the sunshine too!
Over the next few days, we quickly moved from swimsuits and sunshine to sock hats and clouds! Thank goodness we had 2 golf carts to keep the kids entertained. 
 The girls and Baker took lots of walks enjoying these beautiful mountain views.
Andy arranged a Hummer tour that took them to the San Andres Fault and Joshua Tree National Park.  I stayed back with Baker for this adventure, but they said it was really cool....and FREEZING. Good thing I stayed home. 
Our family from Newport Beach came one day to spend some time together. It's not very often that the whole Thomas side gets together given the distance, so this was a special day!
 The time change was another factor we knew we would have to deal with. It was 2 hours earlier there than at home. We a few super tired babes the first few nights, but it really wasn't terrible.
We knew we would be there for New Year's Eve, so Mimi got the boys all set with their shirts and Hadley was ready with her party dress!
Baker was super thrilled about his first New Year's Eve! 
Hadley and Uncle Noah were definitely the best dressed this year. 
 We always have a party for the kids on New Year's Eve and being out of town didn't change that.
 My kids now remember this every year and were so excited!
These two peas in a pod had such a great week together. They were inseparable. 
 ...and this guy vacationed like a boss!
 We had a couple more semi-nice days. I'm just so thankful the pool was heated. We cranked that baby up and the kids acted like it was 90 outside.
 My crew was dubbed "the litter" on the trip, always finding their spot with momma every night. That feeling of being their person is indescribable. I love them something fierce!
Andy found another activity for us to do while we were there. The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. You take a tram 8500 ft up in the mountains. 
 It was definitely unlike anything we have ever done and it was so neat! We went from 60 degrees to freezing in a matter of minutes and the views were breathtaking.
 The kids had a blast but were utterly exhausted by this point in the trip.
 After a wonderful trip, it was time to venture back home. These 3 were rockstars on our way home too! We couldn't have asked for a better first vacation with our family of 5. I'm so proud of these kids!

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{2016} A Year in Review

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Always my favorite post of the year. It gives me the chance to look back on our year and all that it was made up of. 2016 was a big year for us! 

January was pretty typical with our standard New Year's festivities, some snowy days, swim lessons, soccer and the HRS Gala. I only managed 2 blog posts this month, and crammed all of this into January Happenings. A new blogging trend was in the making. 

In February, we did all things Valentine with our Little Valentines. We welcomed Ellie June to our friend family, tried to stay warm, and again did very little blogging. You can read about February and March Happenings all in one! 
March was a big month for us. We started the month finding out we were expecting a new addition. We traveled to the Bahamas for Spring Break, and celebrated Easter
April was spent on the down low trying to keep our pregnancy to ourselves a bit longer. We started seeing warmer days and even had our first swim of the season.
May is where the excitement started to pick up on the blog. We announced our Third Blessing, so excited to finally share the details with the world. Shortly after we shared the news that we were having a BOY with our ballon Gender Reveal! I started my monthly Bumpdates as well. See what I mean...big things for the blog. On top of all the baby excitement, Meyer had his Pre-K Graduation and Hadley wrapped up her Last Day of Preschool. Hadley danced in her first real recital and we did lots of swimming! 
We were in a full summer swing come June. Meyer was busy with his first year of swim team and both kids were loving tennis! We spent our annual week doing Summer in St. Louis. Meyer lost his very first tooth and we spent almost every day in the water! We also got a perfect 20 week anatomy screen on our sweet baby boy. Another blessed month!
Things really started getting busy in July as we celebrated The Fourth. We did lots of traveling this month, focusing on "the summer of the bigs". We wanted to make this summer memorable for our big kids before little brother arrived. We started the bigs last hurrah at LegoLand then did Disney, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. We also made a trip out to Virginia this month to visit family. I'm tired now just thinking about it! 
August brought us quickly back to reality and Meyer's First Day of Kindergarten. Hadley was also Back 2 Preschool and we started adjusting to our new routine. Andy and I celebrated 8 years of marriage and I turned 29 again! 
In September we tried to soak up the last of the nice weather (or what we thought would be the last of it) by spending Labor Day at the cabin with family. We quickly got back into the routine of school, dance and soccer. Baby boy also decided this was the month he was going to follow in his brother and sister's footsteps by trying to come early with our first visit to OBED at 32 Weeks
October always starts out great by celebrating our oldest's birthday. Meyer turned SIX this year! As if our Octobers are eventful enough, baby continued his early plan of escape all month adding lots and lots of monitoring and appointments for our Tiny Pumpkin. Finally, at 37 weeks to the day, he wasn't waiting any longer and we were blessed with Baker Melloy on October 27th. Only 2 days after being home from the hospital, we celebrated Halloween with our Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and tiny Peter Pan. 
In November we were very busy soaking up all of the newborn snuggles and sweet sweet smiles during Baker's First Three Weeks. We met our new cousin Emme Lou who is only 5 days younger than Baker. We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families and started our Christmas celebrations by going on the Polar Express
December is always full of fun. Our Hadley Rose turned FOUR. We were in full Christmas mode doing all the activities, like Letters to Santa, Christmas Brunching and all the other December Happenings. Christmas Eve and Christmas were extra wonderful this year celebrating with our newest blessing. We rounded out the year by traveling to Palm Springs with my family. I have yet to blog about our trip, so that will be up first in this year's review. 

We again, feel SO incredibly blessed by this wonderful year. 2016 was nothing but good to us. Here's to hoping 2017 is just as grand. 


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