Hadley Rose {22 Months Old}

Monday, October 20, 2014

I cannot believe this little lady is almost 2 years old. Two short months away...and I don't like it! What I do like though, is seeing her bloom into this little girl. She is so much fun!
This month she has become obsessed with her clothes, shoes and bows! She must always have a bow in her hair and you will hear about it if you forget. I'm so proud. She loves getting dressed every morning and running to show daddy what we picked out for the day. She loves shopping with her momma and loves to rat us out to anyone who will listen. 
A typical conversation will go like so...
Daddy: "What did you and mommy do today?"
Haddy: "Sop!" (Shop)
Daddy: "You did? What did you shop for?"
Haddy: "Cose" (Clothes) 
We are really going to have to work on this. 
She has also discovered this month that she can take her clothes and shoes off...all the time. Her new thing is being "nakey" as she calls it. Anytime I'm changing her or she feels like stripping down...she goes for it and then takes off running and yelling..."NAKEY!" She's wearing me out with taking her shoes and socks off every single time we go anywhere. 
She is learning new words every minute and has finally started stringing words together! It's amazing how this just happens overnight. She will rattle something new off almost everyday now. 
 "All gone"
"All done"
"Ooooh yummy tummy!"
"Knock on door"
"Let it go"
"Big girl"
"Tip over"
...and many more!
She is still loving school and will begin 2 days a week next month. Kindermusik is another favorite activity. She has learned so much and loves reenacting what we did in class at home. Her most favorite song is Jesus Loves Me and we sing it every day before nap and every night before bed. I've started letting her fill in the words and her favorite parts are...
"For the bible tells me...SO!"
"They are weak, but he is SRONG!"
Hadley Rose, you are such a blessing to us. Your fun little personality attracts people near and far. You are such a good little girl and we LOVE YOU so so much. 
Happy 22 months my sweet baby! 

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Megan's Rack Pack! {Race for the Cure 2014}

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Now that the birthday festivities are over, let's get back to what else October is all about. It's breast cancer awareness month. If you remember a few months back I posted I'll Remember You in honor of my sweet friend, Megan, who passed away because of breast cancer. In the month of October we see pink everywhere for breast cancer awareness. This year...every single time I see a pink ribbon or something turned pink for the month, I think of Megan. I think about her and her husband and her girls and her family and friends. These thoughts are usually happy thoughts, because she was always happy and bringing smiles to all. I know she is missed dearly by so many and it's terribly sad, but today we will smile for Megan. 

A few weeks back, we joined Megan's Rack Pack for this year's Race for the Cure. 
It was a HUGE group of people walking for Megan. We were just a tiny portion! 
We were totally outnumbered by babies! 
I promise my kids had fun. 
See? Fun! 
It was a picture perfect day! 
...and free popsicles halfway through were a total lifesaver! 
We got to see Megan's sweet Reese and some of her very best friends. I know she was looking down smiling...I just know it! 

October or not...pink or not...always remembering you sweet friend. Always. 

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"The Best Birthday Party EVER!"

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Since the day Meyer set foot inside our new SkyZone in town, we knew that would be where his party would be. He LOVES it there! 
...and despite Hadley's reaction the first time she went, she decided she LOVED it too! 
We had a pretty wide range of ages, but it didn't make a difference. 
They all had a blast! 
Including the parents...who may have possibly enjoyed it a bit more than the kids! 
These two are 12 and 14 months and they were all over the place. We had our own area reserved which was so nice and made it possible for these guys to participate! 
I fairly certain the men forgot this was a 4 year old's birthday party...
...if you know what I mean! 
This was our first party not at home and let me tell you...it's the way to go! 
The room was set up and everything was provided...food, drinks, plates, napkins and dessert! 
To satisfy a "theme", Meyer insisted on a Pete the Cat cake. I was so so pleased with how it turned out! 
We did Pete the Cat books for party favors for each family. A friend of mine did this at her son's party last year and I just think it's the best idea ever! 
Our birthday boy was as happy as could be the entire party...
...and left saying, "This was the best birthday party EVER!" 


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The Birthday Boy! {10/8/14}

Monday, October 13, 2014

We try and make actual birthday days extra special around here, and we have started a couple of our own traditions. We always have at least one gift and balloons set up for them to see and open right when they come downstairs. I think these are some of my favorite pictures over the last few years. 

So on October 8th we said good morning to our fresh and new 4 year old! He was in an exceptionally wonderful mood on that day, which is surprising, considering he was up for a bit during the night (at his actual time of birth to be exact...2:34am). 
I just love seeing his big brown eyes light up! 
I know I'm his mother, but you guys....is he not THE SWEETEST little guy? 
Now Meyer has been asking for one thing and one thing only for his birthday for months and months. In true Meyer fashion, it was most definitely not a traditionally sought after gift for a 4 year old boy. But you can see by the look on his face that it absolutely made his day!!! What was that gift you ask?
A label maker! 
He was so happy that he couldn't wait to share the love with his sister! 
The birthday people around here get their choice of breakfast, but it's usually a no-brainer...Donut Bank donuts it is! 
...and can we discuss these lashes just for a minute? Goodness gracious this boy destroys me. 
His birthday was a school day this year, and he was very excited to share his special birthday treat with all of his friends.
Even though he told me he didn't like it the night before, I was reassured that he devoured it during class! 
We went to lunch with daddy and Mimi and the kids took great naps. They were ready to celebrate again that evening. We usually do a birthday dinner with both sets of grandparents. Mimi and Pop Pop surprised Meyer with his own "electric car" and he was over the moon! 
Hadley equally so, and our sweet boy was nice enough to take her on as his first passenger. 
I can just picture the real thing in 12 years or so. Scary! 
Then it was time to see his big gift from us. We had it all set-up in his playroom, which we had kept locked all day. He was thrilled to see...
His brand new real life desk with all the office supply trimmings! I can't even count the hours he has spent up there since. 
We rounded off the evening with strawberry ice cream cake, complete with sprinkles and gummy worms. Right up this boy's alley! 

It was a great day celebrating that boy who made me a momma! 

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