Hadley Rose {16 Months Old}

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our sweet little lady is 16 months old. This month I have really noticed her looking much older....more toddler...less baby. It's exciting but sad. Always bittersweet to write another monthly post. What's Haddy been up to this month? 

Besides looking gorgeous?!? 
and being such a big girl?!? Seriously? Where did my baby go?

She has spent some of this month with the sickies...again! We saw fevers as high as 104.5 this month and combined with lethargic and irritable behavior, I was a little scared. It ended up being just another virus thank goodness, but when this girl is sick...she is sick!
Meyer always seems to fight through his sickness and keep on moving! Not sister...when she is down she is down. She will just lay anywhere you put her and sleep for hours on end.

Accompanying all of this sickness, she is cutting her canines. I remember these being bad with Meyer and they are no different for her. She morphs into a monster with each and every one. If she's not being held, she's screaming or standing by the freezer begging for frozen waffles, frozen pacis or cold teething toys. I feel so awful for her, but thank goodness her sleep has yet to be affected.
Hurry up canines! We are over your wrath!

We like the look of happiness much better.

There isn't a whole lot new this month for Haddy other than looking like such a big girl. She is still usually sneaking in one morning cat nap a day...almost always in the car or on a walk. I don't let her sleep very long (15 minutes tops)...just to take the edge off. She will then take a 3-3.5 hour afternoon nap. Bedtime is still about 7:15-7:30 pm and up about 6:00 am. No complaints in the sleeping department...that's for sure!

She has added a couple of new words to her vocabulary this month, but is still pretty quiet most of the time. She has mastered "Pop Pop", thats for sure. He is a favorite for certain!
These two and their eskimo kisses are almost too much cuteness to handle! 
Mimi has taught her "Oh No" and it's beyond adorable. She has also been working with Baba and can say "Baba's Books". So she is definitely picking up more and more verbally.

She really loves using a fork and will eat a meal so much better when she does. The problem is, she can't seem to "make the stab". If you sit with her and put the food on the fork, she does great and loves it. We have tried a spoon too, but it frustrates her even more.

You continue to light up our lives sweet Haddy Rose! We love you SO much!

Happy 16 months sweet love!

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Meyer's First Spring Break

Monday, April 21, 2014

As you can see, I'm running about a month behind on this blogging business. My anxiety starts to elevate when I think about it, so I'm not thinking about it...I repeat...not thinking about it...just writing about it. Ok enough...time to focus. 

Meyer is officially in real school this year, and with real school comes an official spring break. I really didn't have a single thing planned for his week off. Then I started thinking about it and got real. A whole week of nothing to do and no routine. Oh no, this was not happening. So last minute, I decided to take Meyer on a mini trip to Washington, DC to visit Andy's sister and family! Hadley stayed home with Daddy and Baba, so I could have a little one on one time with the one who made me a momma. 
 We were welcomed curbside with this sweet face and I couldn't have been happier to stare at him all the way to our hotel. 
Our nephew, Max
 We were quick to find the hotel pool, but Meyer was not as quick to dive in as we thought he would be. Our little fish seems to have forgotten some of his water skills from last year. 

Our spring break was everything but "springy", but we forged on...through the sleet and snow!
 We had heard there was a pretty good transportation exhibit at the American History Museum, so that was our first stop. 
 Just as the last time we visited DC, he could not understand why on earth he couldn't climb on everything. 
 That and he doesn't do well with loud sounds that are out of his control. The train would randomly sound off and he was not a fan. 
 We finally came across a bus that you could get inside of. He was impressed for 5 milliseconds. 
 We ventured on and found some simulators that he begged to do. I was terrified that he would flip out as soon as the doors closed and by the look on his face here, you would have thought so too. He actually did very well...mommy on the other hand was about to throw up the whole time. 
 The transportation exhibit is a great one. My kid is just strange:)

We decided we would go visit Uncle Andy at The Capitol. Meyer hopped right up at his desk and began "working". You really shouldn't bother him when he engrossed in his imaginative play. He is dead serious about his "work"...quickly letting us know, "I'm working to get ready for my meeting. I have a consultation at forty five six." 
Big wig got to sit in President Kennedy's former office. 
...and Max needed to make his rounds since it was his Daddy's last week working there! 
Now to Meyer's favorite part of the day. The Mountains and Clouds sculpture in one of the Senate buildings. For some reason, he thought it was one of the coolest things he had ever seen. You just never know what a three year old will like! 

Day 2 took us to the Baltimore Aquarium. 
Meyer had his moments of happiness...
...and took interest in looking at the fish at first.
...but then good old "Mr. Grumpy Gills" showed up. This picture pretty well sums up most of Meyer's time at the aquarium. 
He did like the rainforest portion, where we saw 2 monkeys. 
...and he pretended like it was his "work" and wandered around talking to himself about what he was doing. Am I alone here or is he the most unique 3 year old you've ever met? 
We lost track of time and ended up staying a little longer than planned. Unfortunately, this meant I missed my opportunity to meet up with one of my favorite blog friends, Kate, over at Daffodils. I was nervous, but was so looking forward to meeting her and her awesome boys. Next time...always a next time!

We successfully wore these guys out. 

In between our big adventures, we spent time riding elevators (which Meyer was both obsessed with, as well as terrified of). He loved to ride and push the buttons, but only if someone was holding him. I guess he wasn't a fan of the feeling. He kept telling us he wasn't balanced enough to ride on his own. 

The absolute highlight of Meyer's trip was the hotel mini fridge. So obsessed that we had to make special trips back to the room so he could get his fix before moving on to the next activity! He packed that sucker full of everything he could find...wine glasses, bottles, shampoo, bars of soap...you name it.

We realized before the trip that everyone involved (except Uncle Andy) has an M name. Mommy, Mimi, Meyer, Megan and Max. Megan's cat is even named Maya. Uncle Andy transformed into "Mosky" for the week so he would fit in. 
I definitely got my baby fix hanging out with this smiley boy! 
I think overall, Meyer really did have a great time. Even if being in his comfort zone with his most favorite Mimi was the best part! 

Thank you Megan, Andy and little Max for letting us come visit for a few days. We look forward to many more trips!

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Happy Easter {2014}

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Meyer and Hadley wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter! 

We hope you all have a blessed day! 

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