Easter 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Our Easter weekend was full as usual, and especially busy given we had just returned from spring break!
We were worried we wouldn't have time to dye our eggs this year, but Mimi made it happen! 
 ...and the kids were so proud of their creations!
 We did our annual Good Friday dinner at the Log Inn, where I failed to take any pictures! Then on Saturday night we celebrated with my side of the family. Again, failing all photos except this one.
 The Easter Bunny hopped on through and left the kids some goods.
 They were only slightly excited on Easter morning.
 Then it was time for church!
 ...and Hermann family Easter at Victoria!
 The colored rice crispy treats had my kids on cloud nine!
 ...and a certain little lady thought she needed to be personally escorted to the Easter egg hunt. Thanks aunt Jill!
 The kids tackled the hunt in about 30 seconds flat!
 but THIS picture of sweet Ryker takes the cake this Easter! Little guy was doing his own thing out there and I love it.
 The kids were thoroughly sugered up and spoiled rotten!
 but no one was leaving until after the Easter parade!
 We headed to my mom and dad's next for another egg hunt!
 and back to Mimi and Pop Pops for more spoiling!
 Now this my friends was truly the highlight for Meyer. He has been watching YouTube videos about old toys, and he just fell in love with this. Mimi found it on Ebay for a surprisingly very reasonable price, and I think you can tell from his face that he was OVER THE MOON!!!!

It really made us all smile so big. We just love our unique and one of a kind boy! 

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Bahamas Spring Break

Thursday, March 31, 2016

This year for Spring Break, we did a little short trip to the Atlantis in the Bahamas. Andy and I have been several times, but this was a first for the kids! 

Our trip started out great with an easy and quick travel day there and a gorgeous first day by the pool. 
 The kids were over the moon to be in warm weather swimming in the sunshine. 
I was pretty happy myself, lounging in the sun, while the kids swam with daddy and Pop Pop. 
 This precious little thing couldn't hold her excitement in either! 
 The cousins were happy as clams playing together in our room. 
 Hadley was getting prime snuggle time with her best girl! 
...and our view was simply amazing! 
We were all so excited to see our family! 
Our second full day there was another beautiful one. We planned ahead to meet the dolphins, and this was a great experience. It was nice that the entire family was able to participate! 
  Meyer was all over this experience. He loved getting up close to the dolphin and even got a couple of special rides on our new friend!
 Hadley wasn't overly excited about being to close, but she did sneak a little kiss before resuming her spider monkey position on momma!
Ev had similar feelings...
 But also relented for a little smooch!
 Max wasn't up for a kiss but he liked feeding him. 
 Despite what it looks like here, the dolphin was not attacking the boys! 
 Last but not least, Pop Pop likes to do things a little different than the average bear! 

Swimming with our dolphin friends took a little longer than expected, but it was worth it. We made it to the pool for a little while after, but then the girls had spa appointments. 
I would never complain about a trip to the spa, but unfortunately, that was the last of the good weather we had on our trip. Day 3 was a rainy day.

Day 4 looked ok outside, so we all suited up and headed to the pool.
 Only to find 25 mile an hour winds and temps barely in the 70s. 
 This less than stellar weather did not stop a few boys from enjoying the pool! 
 The girls on the other hand....well...it was just miserable! 
 Despite our less than stellar weather, we had a wonderful trip and loved being able to spend a few days with family. 
 Ev was just happy she got to sample her first Kalik! 

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