Hadley Starts Preschool!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

She's been talking about her first day at Totten Hall for just about as long as she could speak words. Anxiously awaiting the day she was big enough to go to "bubba's school". We've been talking about it all summer and her face literally lit up that morning! 
She's definitely young to be starting preschool, just like her brother was, but she is so ready. She will be there 2 half days a week, and her class is full of kiddos she already knows! 
Her first week went really great. She loves being a a big kid! 
This was her face as she promised me she would be a good girl on her first day. 
She followed through, which I was SO relieved about. Her sass tends to follow her everywhere she goes, but she left it at home this first week...thank goodness! 
 She walked in like she owned the joint, and quickly started taking care of the babies, already being labeled the "little momma" of the class. 
 I'm so excited to have my two babies at the same place 2 days a week. Especially since I somehow roped myself in to PTO president and will be there most of the time anyways!  

It's going to be a fabulous year! 

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Yay for Pre-K! {Meyer}

Sunday, August 16, 2015

I'm really unsure how we got here so quickly. When I think back on to Meyer's first year of preschool, this seemed so far away. We have now entered his last year at Totten Hall. Pre-K, that's like real school...5 days a week. Thankfully we are still half day, because I'm not ready for him to be gone all day. He's my afternoon buddy. We are in such a good groove. Meyer is very good about playing by himself, mostly preferring it that way. Our afternoons are calm and productive, and I love having him home. He pops in every once in a while for an activity, a snack, an explanation or a quick snuggle, and I can't imagine this time being gone yet. 
Despite the look on his face in the picture below, he really was very happy to start school. This was actually the first year he was genuinely excited for it. He's one of those who likes to battle every single morning about going to school, but literally lights up the moment he walks in. I've tried convincing him to accept his love for school, which would make our mornings a lot easier, but he's not loving that idea. 
It takes very little to get him to crack a smile! 
As hard as he tries to stay true to the grump! 
Gosh, I love this kid! 
So, he officially started Pre-K on August 11th...
Looking at least 14 years old...
Towering almost a head taller than when he started last year. 
He was such a big help painting the teacher gifts this year, but his favorite part was filling them with M&Ms. 
 Now if you know me well, you know I'm a complete sucker for family tradition. We love all of the teachers at Totten Hall, and would have been truly happy with any of them, but I was so excited when we found out Meyer has Mrs. Burkhart. It just so happens that she was Andy's first grade teacher! I LOVE IT how things have come full circle, and Meyer thinks it's so cool to have the same teacher his daddy had. We just love her already! 
Every year, I like to take the same picture to see how he has changed. So depressing....look how tiny he was!!! 
He doesn't even look like the same kid! You better believe I'm blaming it on daddy and that dang haircut. 
We are all so excited and know it's going to be a great year!

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A Weekend at the Cabin

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This view, plus the promise of a weekend full of adult time with our very best friends, is sometimes just too much to handle. We did a weekend like this 2 years ago, but couldn't make it happen last year. Planning WAY ahead this year, we were thankfully able to make schedules work. 
 We wasted very little time upon arriving...to the lake!! Like kids in a candy store I'm telling you.
Some dove in head first...
While others focused on catching our food for the weekend! 
Eventually in the distance we saw our latest arrival waiting for us dockside. Hot Rod was in full force!
You see, Hot Rod is one of kind. This was 2 years ago...Rod and his lady.
And to the surprise of most everyone there that weekend, they brought a little secret with them. 
HOT ROD Jr. on board!!!
After the shock wore off, Allie grabbed her water and her peer pressure pants and off we went. She couldn't quite party like she wanted to this year, but that didn't stop her from making everyone else drink her fair share! 
 Before long, we found everyone just where you would think they would be. Matt manning the grill...
 Nat, having themed photo shoots...
 These 2 running wild in the woods...
 ...and Dr. Adam checking for tics! 
The sun eventually set, cameras were abandoned, smores were roasted, adult beverages were consumed....
The boys managed to stay up playing games in the garage until the wee hours of the morning. One even ended up sleeping there....
 Bring it on day 2. 
 Chuck learned how to put his own sunscreen on this trip. 
Big milestone. 
 I really am realizing at this point how terrible I was about pictures this weekend. We had a great Saturday on the lake and here are few random pictures to prove it. 
 At least they had each other:) 
 *No unborn babies were harmed in the taking of these pictures*
These two were having too much fun making everyone else drink! 
 Being able to aimlessly float and converse uninterrupted among your closest friends...it was bliss. Just bliss. 
That's a cooler Hot Rod is riding in. Why is no one surprised? 
 We had a giant fish fry Saturday night with all of the carbs on the side. I wish I would have taken a picture of my plate. Mac and cheese, hush puppies, corn bread, homemade french fries, and fresh peach cobbler...I gained 4 pounds in 2 days. Wonder why? 

We slept in again on Sunday, had a family breakfast, and back to the babes we went! 

I live for weekends like this. We are so blessed to be able to do these kind of things.

Until next year....

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