Apple Pickin

Thursday, September 24, 2015

While summer is truly my favorite season, I also get really excited for fall. Our fall weekends are almost always busy. Last year we went looking for an apple orchard, but ended up being too late to pick them. So, we decided to start our fall with trip back to Reid's Orchard for a little U-Pick!

Given it was a Sunday, we were excited to see online that the orchard opened at 10am. We packed up the car and headed out on the 45 minute drive, only to pull up and hear, "We don't open until 11:00...sorry." Hmmm, not what your website says but whatever. Anyways, there is an awesome park minutes away, and the kids were thrilled to spend an hour there. Still winning. 
First on our agenda upon returning back to the orchard was apple picking. The kids each had a bag that could hold up to 30 apples, so Hadley rounded up Dude and got right to work! 
 The kids absolutely loved it. I love experiencing firsts with them. So much genuine excitement! 
 We had to stop for a brief lesson on what a good apple looks like, and Meyer was very serious about it from that point on. Only good apples in his bag! 
 I know this will shock everyone, but the highlight of Meyer's experience were the ladders.
 My dad came along for the adventure, and we are so glad he did. Always love our time with Dude!
 You could tell the kids were thinking about it the whole time, but when Dude broke the ice and took a bite of apple, it was game on!
 Our next order of business was the Apple Express. 
 Reidland's Play Area was a huge hit again this year, with a couple of new additions. 

We finished our day picking out a few pumpkins and visiting the store on site. We had strawberry soft serve ice cream, candy, apple cider and an apple sundae! 

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Soccer Superstars

Monday, September 21, 2015

Our preschool has a soccer program every fall, and it's probably among one of the cutest things I've ever seen. This is Meyer's third season, so it was only fair to let Hadley give it a go in her first year. They kicked off the season...looking the the very least! 
Hadley did surprisingly well. I wasn't sure if she would actually get out there and play or not. You really never know with this one. She can be the most outgoing and open child one minute and a shy stage 5 clinger the next. 
 I was thrilled when she walked right out there and started playing!
 So proud of herself as she found us every time she kicked the ball to make sure we were equally as proud. We were!
 She fully participated in the warm up and drills, and then played fairly well for about 10 minutes in the real game.
Then she started to fade, and was over it just like that! 
I could stare at my soccer girl with her sweet little braids for days and days!
Now let's talk about this guy. What a difference a year makes! 
He spent the last two seasons bargaining to get off the field for water breaks...always more interested in what we were all doing on the sidelines. No longer my friends. He is loving soccer, and only taking the allotted breaks and heading right back out there. He's actually playing in two different programs this fall! 
 He is by no means the most athletic one out there, but he's having so much fun!
 I was so impressed when he scored not one...
 but TWO goals!!!
Don't you dare try and leave sass out....she apparently scored 4ish goals herself! 

I sure do love my soccer superstars! 

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August Happenings

Monday, September 7, 2015

August was over just as quickly as it began. It's officially been about a month since I visited this little space of mine. Looking back on pictures, we had a pretty busy month.

August is my favorite of all the months, which is why we chose our wedding date right at the beginning. On the 2nd, we celebrated 7 years! 
We even got a little time just the 2 of us, doing one of our favorite things together. We of course, mostly talked about our babies, but loved every minute alone. 
August was full of ice cream...
 Swimming with friends...
 Soaking in the last days of summer break...
 Spending evenings with our best buddies...
Did I mention ice cream? 
...and swimming? 
We really focused on those 2 things. 
This kids started school and Hadley began her dance class again.
We celebrated Pop Pop's birthday!
Meyer got a new bike that he can actually ride and is quite obsessed! 
The weather was pretty amazing for August in the midwest. So, we took full advantage, spending lots of time outside. We went on several family adventures around our hometown. 
Including a day trip to Smother's Park in Owensboro. 
I'm not sure the kids had any fun at all! 
 I'm also not sure why this summer claimed my sweet little boy and turned him into a old kid?!? Practically a grown up. 
 The end of the month was quite exciting, as we snuck away for a night in New York city to celebrate my birthday. Just the 2 of us:)
 We saw The Book of Mormon, which was highly inappropriate, but equally as entertaining and hilarious!
Then we took the train into DC to meet our very first niece, Evelyn Jo Moskowitz. They call her Evie Jo and she is THE sweetest little thing.
My little smiling snuggle bug! I think she liked me. 
...and spending time with her big brother was pretty great too! 
My big kids are LOVING school and adjusting back to the routine really well. 
...and we ended the month with a whole lot of sweetness!

August, you were good to us as always. See you next year:) 

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