A Virginia Weekend {Meg's 30th}

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This beautiful momma was turning the big 30, and being 35 weeks pregnant, her celebration options were a bit limited. So, we packed up our crew and headed to Virginia to help her celebrate! 
When you're pregnant on your birthday, you have an eat all the cake you can pass. I hear there was a pre-cake, cake, which I was sorry to have missed, but check out this beauty! It was as delicious as it looks. 
Meyer didn't waste a whole lot of time making himself at home in their awesome new backyard. We spent the first evening celebrating and hanging out with family.
Saturday morning, the boys took the kids to the Air and Space Museum, while the girls set up for the party. 
 Andy sent me this picture and I almost cried. Why in the world does Meyer look like he's 14? I can't. 
 This cousin love is just too much for me. Max loves him some Meyer man, and I'm pretty confident the feeling is mutual. 
The boys know what's up...coming through with these pictures from their adventure...making the "mommarazi" proud! 
 While the boys looked convinced, Hadley is just thinking..."orange is definitely NOT the new black." 
Meanwhile, the girls had everything under control for the big backyard party. They seriously have the best backyard. I'm a wee bit jelly. 
 I was a terrible photographer that afternoon, but they had so many sweet friends there to celebrate. It's hard being away from family, but seeing the wonderful people they are surrounded by, sure helps. 
The pictures I couldn't resist snapping were of this guy...
 ...and his buddy, Max.
Meyer decided to take Max exploring, and if you don't believe me when I say he was thrilled...see picture below. 
 Let me show you over here buddy!
 Just a little helping hand...
 Are they not the cutest EVER? 
 The birthday girl was surrounded by family! 
The Moskowitz Family
 The Hermann Family (growing by the minute!)
Our flight didn't leave until later in the day on Sunday, so we braved the heat and walked down the road (yes, they have a zoo right down the road..lucky) to the Reston Zoo. It's a cute little zoo, perfect for toddlers and younger kids. My kids loved feeding the animals! 
 We were so sad to say goodbye to our sweet Max (and his mom and dad of course), but the next time we see them, they will have welcomed baby sister. This is SO exciting! 

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Summer in St. Louis

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Back in the spring when I was franticly searching for summer activities for Meyer, my mom mentioned possibly looking into some camps in St. Louis. If you know me at all, you know one of my favorite places in the world is St. Louis. My search didn't last long, as my first stop was The Magic House website. They have a mini camp that runs every week during the summer, so I picked a week and it was done deal! 

We headed over on a Sunday afternoon and camp started Monday, every afternoon from 1-4pm, which happens to be perfectly timed with Hadley's nap. Sister never knew a thing!
To say Meyer LOVED this camp is a major understatement. He was thrilled to be dropped off each day and came running to the car with a giant smile at the end of every day. 
 We really couldn't have asked for a better experience. 
Every morning, we tried to do an activity that both kids could enjoy. Our summer weather was less than stellar all week, so indoor activities were the only way to go. We tackled the City Museum first. It's been years since I've been there and it was just as cool as I remember it, but my 2 are still a bit young to fully experience all it has to offer. We will probably hold off a few years before trying it again. 
 We had big zoo plans, but we got rained out....every time. Plus, it was only lower 60's some days, and this momma didn't plan for that. So, bowling was our next go to. Obviously, not special to St. Louis, but they had fun. 
 Well, mainly the boys had fun. 
 Sister sass was less than thrilled. 
Because a week in St. Louis wouldn't even count without a trip to Ted's for a concrete, that was a must on our list. 
Another unexpected bad weather day, brought us to the Myseum. This place was surprisingly very neat! It's located in a strip mall and is very deceiving to the eye. It actually reminded me a lot of the Magic House but on a smaller scale. 

Build the Arch
The Construction Zone
Bounce House
Shadow Room
The Animal Hospital
Fossil Dig
 Noodle Maze
 The Speed Slide
Black Light Felt Wall
On Meyer's last day of camp, we picked him up and then went back inside so Hadley could get in on some Magic House fun. Meyer was over the moon to show us around. He was zipping here and there, showing us all kinds of nooks and crannies we didn't know about. He flew to the top of the bean stalk in no time flat. 

 Hadley's favorite spot was The Village Hospital for babies. She was in her element being a little momma nurse. I kept trying to convince her to move onto another area, but she was insistent on staying right here with her babies. 
The Village in general is my favorite area. It has a grocery store, fishing pond, ice cream stand, an auto shop, restaurant, animal hospital, hospital, library, tree house, and the list goes on. So cute!
 A favorite of mine as a kid was always the 3 story slide.
...and then the secret slide that I had no idea existed. He was able to crawl through duct work in the ceiling to get to this fun slide. This boy was in HEAVEN crawling through duct work...a dream come true really! 
Last but not least, we couldn't miss out on the static ball! 

We had a fantastic week exploring St. Louis and spending time with family. I think this may need to be a yearly summer tradition! 

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