Baker {1 Month Old}

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Our sweet little man is ONE month old today!

I can pretend to be shocked about how fast this month went by but I know it all too well. These babies grow if you blink. Just in the past few days I've noticed a big change in Baker's size. He no longer feels like a feather to me. He is filling out before my eyes and while it's a wonderful thing to see him thriving, I can't handle him getting big. According to our home scale, he is weighing in right at 8 pounds! 
Newborn Diapers
Newborn Clothes
His eyes remain a dark blue (almost navy) and his hair is dark brown. We didn't think so at first but he totally has the Hermann hairline just like his big brother! 
 A couple of days before he turned one month, we started getting those sweet little smiles. I haven't been able to capture it on camera until this afternoon, and of course it was blurry! They are still very few and far between but when he does...oh my momma heart!!!
Baker's personality is wonderful so far. He is super laid back and peaceful. It's like he knows he's the 3rd child. The only times he cries is when he's cold right out of the bath while I get him ready for bed, and occasionally when he's hungry. He's very alert a lot of the day but calm as can be! 

 Mimi got him this cute monthly chalkboard, which we had so much fun with today.
 Baker is quickly learning how exhausting it is to live with a lady who takes so many pictures! I promise you'll thank me later little buddy.
 Let's talk about sleep. We have been blessed yet again with a wonderful little sleeper. You still sleep a lot during the day, but also have lots of awake time as well. You came home sleeping 4 hour stretches at night and haven't stopped yet. While I was having to wake you up at first, I don't have to do that anymore because you are consistently waking every 4 to 4.5 hours on your own during the night. Your sister slept through at 5 weeks, so you have a little catching up to do in a week, but believe me son, we have no complaints about your sleep! You even napped like a champ in your crib for the first time today.
 He's a good little eater, eating every 3 hours during the day and clustering in the evenings when I wake him every 2 before bedtime. All momma's milk, mostly breastfeeding but practicing with that bottle when we can! So far so good in that department, but they all were at this point so we aren't in the clear just yet.
Let's talk about who this little guy looks like. Here is the compare of the 3 kiddos. I'm totally seeing Meyer with Hadley's lips and coloring. 
Looks like our brothers are going to look alike at this point! 
As expected with baby number 3, the camera hasn't been out as much as with the others, but here are a few I did capture this month! 
I can't even look at his one! He was so so tiny! 
Month One...that's a wrap! 

You've been the most perfect addition to our family, Baker boy! I can't believe we ever questioned having a 3rd baby because you've been the best thing that's happened to us. You have brought SO much happiness to our life in your short month here and we can't wait to watch you continue to grow and be a part of our tribe.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE you sweet Baker Melloy! 

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Baker {Newborn-3 Weeks}

Monday, November 21, 2016

I knew it would go fast, but these first three weeks have been in fast forward. This picture was the day after we brought him home from the hospital looking all fresh and new. We were anxious to see how this little guy's temperament and sleeping abilities would be, given our other two were pretty great! I was terrified he would rock our world. The first 2 nights in the hospital were fine, but that 3rd night when we brought him home...I was worried. He was up wanting to eat every 2 hours and was pretty grunty and restless in between. I knew my milk was already in which scared me even more, thinking this guy would be pretty high maintenance. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. Night 4 he was back in line and making his momma proud! 
 Baker was 3 weeks early like his sister was and I totally failed to take these weekly pictures with her, but guess who remembered this time around? This girl! And they say baby #3 makes you crazy...bogus. 

38 Weeks
Our first week at home was a whirlwind. We kicked off our Monday with Hadley's Halloween party, labs at St. Mary's (since we came home early from the hospital), Meyer's Halloween party in the afternoon, and Gigi's Halloween party that evening! May as well show our new guy what kind of life he is going to have...non stop! 

Our next big event of the week was meeting his new cousin, Emme, born only 5 days after Baker. They also live right next door to us, so we are very excited for them to grow up together like their mommies did!

We did his newborn pictures this week as well, which went so awesome. I can't wait to see them! The same night, we attended the March of Dime's Chef's Auction with our peanut all snuggled  in the Moby wrap. He's a busy guy!

He quickly became my favorite child as he fell into his nighttime routine of sleeping. I was consistently waking him every 4 hours. I would love to let him keep sleeping, but being on the smaller side, I need to keep waking him for a while. I really can't complain about being up once a night with a newborn. His daytime feedings were every 2-3 hours, depending on our schedule since he still wasn't really waking up for feeds on his own. Slept most of the day, but I did notice his eyes were open much more than his sister's were at this point. 
39 Weeks 
 We kicked off week number 2 with a visit to the pediatrician where he was weighing in at 6lbs. 4oz., surpassing his birth weight in a week. She told us he was perfect, but we already knew that. 

Big events during week two included Breakfast with the Sugarplum Fairy (life with a sister), Uncle Noah's surprise 30th birthday party, and he went to church for the first time. 

He lost his cord this week which lead to his first real bath. He loved the actual bath, but hitting that cold air when we got him out was less than ideal for him! It was the first time I heard him actually cry since we had been home.

He was still sleeping like a total rockstar at night, and was having more awake periods during the day.  He was staying awake for over an hour just looking around so peacefully until he fell back asleep. I mean, this is my kind of baby!  
40 Weeks
 Baker's third week was a bit less eventful, thank goodness! We kind of got back into our routine of taking big brother and sister to school, running errands and snuggling. 

He started having periods after feedings where he was very alert. I'm telling you, one of the most alert and peaceful newborns I have ever seen. He seems much older to me than 3 weeks and it makes me want to cry a little. I love seeing those bright eyes though, exploring his new world! 

We gave him his first bottle of breastmilk a day before 3 weeks and he took it like a champ! Hadley was over the moon to help feed him finally. Now I just have to talk myself into giving him a bottle a few times a week to keep him comfortable with it. We do not want to end up in a situation like his sister! 

This first 3 weeks have been amazing. We couldn't have asked for a better baby. He is so laid back and peaceful. Such a good boy, making it too easy on me!

Here is a comparison of all three. I definitely see more Meyer in him on a daily basis, but I think his coloring may be more like his sister. 

Thanking God every day for our newest little blessing! 

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Halloween {2016}

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Since Thanksgiving is next week, I better document Halloween! We've been going non stop since Baker was born, and Halloween was our first big event, just 4 days later. 
 I've had my big kids costumes planned since our Disney World trip this summer when Hadley really fell in love with Tink. 
 Meyer is highly flexible when it comes to things like this, so I said Captain Hook and he said sure! My mom quickly remembered that my grandma Meyer had made a Hook costume for my cousin back in the day. I was thinking there was no way that thing was still around or in good shape, but I called my aunt anyways. Guess what? She had the entire costume in mint condition and was willing to let us borrow it. So here is our little vintage Captain Hook in his 25 year old homemade costume.  
 We always knew it was a good possibility that Baker would arrive before Halloween, so I had an idea in my head ready to launch at my mom in case he arrived. Well, he arrived and my mom delivered. Our teeny tiny Peter Pan was ADORABLE! 
 A good looking crew if I do say so myself!
 The night before Halloween, we made our rounds at the great grandparents. They are all living in the same facility now, which makes these things easy peasy! 
 One of the highlights of my Halloween was my grandma seeing her costume passed down to another generation. I like to believe she recognized her costume. She seemed almost brought to tears! 
 ...and then she got to meet her newest great grandchild and said it was the best Halloween ever! 
 Halloween day brought the kid's school parties, and we all know I hate missing things, sooooo....
 Peter Pan and I loaded up and off to school we went! 
 Later that afternoon, we loaded up again and headed to the Kindergarten party. I'm PTO president of Hadley's preschool and room mom for Meyer's class, so the kids are used to me being there for everything. I just couldn't let them down! The Kindergarten party turned out so cute. 
 We found my little pumpkin side kick a hiding spot (from those grimey hands) in a corner of the room and he slept like a champ to the Monster Mash! 
 Andy took the kids around the neighborhood right after school to kick off the trick or treating. 
 Then we headed over to Andy's grandma's annual Halloween get together with the cousins. 
 They did a bit more trick or treating around her house and then it was home to bed! 

Another crazy busy and super fun Halloween in the books!

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