16 Weeks {Baby #3}

Monday, June 6, 2016

16 Weeks

How far along? 16 Weeks
Size? Avocado 
Weight gain/loss? +4 lbs
Stretch Marks? Just 2 tiny ones from prior pregnancies
Sleep? No real complaints. Obvious bathroom visits anywhere from 1-3 a night. 
Best Moment of the Week? Unexpectedly seeing sweet boy's face during an ultrasound. He had the hiccups and it was so cute watching his whole tiny body move with each one! 
Miss anything? Summer drinks! 
Movement? Just after I told everyone at my appointment today that I haven't felt anything yet but expect any time now...I spent the afternoon and this evening feeling the first sweet flutters. Hands down, THE best part of pregnancy. 16 weeks and 4 days this time around. 
Food Cravings? Nothing specific right now 
Anything make you queasy or sick? Overeating is never a good idea, but a standard problem! 
Gender? BOY! Looking for names if anyone wants to chime in on that front. 
Confirmed today 100% this baby is definitely a boy!
Labor signs? Hopefully not for a long long time! 
Symptoms? Surprisingly so far, the second trimester has been a bit worse than the first. Headaches for days. They started as migraines which lasted over 8 days, and now they are just headaches but literally just about every single day. I can only name about 2 or 3 days without one. Going back to Hadley's pregnancy posts reminded me that this was a problem last time around too. Also lately, I've had a TON of Braxton Hicks and crazy pressure when on my feet too long, hence the unexpected ultrasound. Given my history, it made me feel a million times better hearing my cervix looks great! 
Belly button in or out? In...it's like a cave, so it won't be coming out anytime soon! 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood? Good most of the time! 
Looking forward to? A healthy and easy pregnancy!

Speaking of healthy and easy...let's talk 17P. This time around, we have opted to do 17P injections to hopefully lower my risk of a preterm birth. I'm so hopeful that this will increase my chance of a normal, healthy and easy pregnancy! I do the injections weekly and while they are not the most pleasant of things, I'm hoping it's worth every ounce of pain. 

I'm really trying to make an effort to do the same things with baby #3 that I did with the other two, so here is the week we start bump comparisons. I'm not real thrilled to do it this time, but I think it's also important to me to document. Little guy needs memories too! There's just something about being 25 vs. 31 and taking belly photos. I'm not loving it, but here they are. 
We didn't know the gender of either Meyer or Hadley at this point so it's funny how my shirt color isn't right. 

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Totten Hall Graduate!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Meyer had his official last day at Totten Hall and I'm still in shock that it's over. He was just a baby when he walked through those doors for the first time. Who knew 3 years could go by so fast! 
 This was his best year by far! 
He never argued about going to school. Quite the opposite really. He hated when school was out and counted down the days over breaks until he could go back. 
This lady right here is who I give all the credit to.
Mrs. Burkart
She was AMAZING for our one of kind boy. She just got him and helped him grow so much over the past year. He not only learned a TON, but he grew in so many other ways as well. It was so sad saying goodbye! 
My biggest question is....how can a boy go from this? 
To this? In the blink of an eye! He looks at least 12. 
One of the teachers sent me this while we were waiting for the graduates to come in. I mean, I know he is mine, but goodness gracious he takes my breath away! And in that cap and gown! I can't. 
The ceremony was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. 
 Mrs. Burkart's Graduating class of 2016

We feel so fortunate to have had such a great 3 years at Totten Hall. It was nothing but wonderful. While we are very excited for Meyer to begin his next chapter in Kindergarten, we will miss dropping him off every day with the ladies who loved him for those 3 years. 

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Last Day of Preschool!

Well she made it! I was a bit worried about this one in her first year of preschool. She was very young and highly equipped with sass for all to see. I'm happy to say, she surprised me and had a wonderful first year at Totten Hall. 
We were all sad when her last day arrived. She truly LOVES LOVES LOVES school and I'm sad it's over for her for the summer. She would totally spend all summer at camp there if I would allow it. She begged to stay after school for lunch every day, but momma just isn't ready for that yet. 
 She had the most wonderful teacher this year, who was SO perfect for her. Absolutely NO nonsense but the most loving and hands on teacher at the same time. Exactly what little sassafrass needed this year. She knows not to mess with Mrs. Hayes, and loves her oh so much! We will miss this lady so much over the summer. Hadley was literally spider monkeying onto her after Meyer's graduation! 
While she will miss school for sure, it's clear she is also ready for the "Summer of Sass." 

Anyone want her? Anybody? Mrs. Hayes? Anybody there? 

She's a real peach! 

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Early Spring Happenings

Monday, May 16, 2016

The most exciting part of spring time is the arrival of the glorious weather. Playing outside in the spring is one of our favorite things! 
 So, naturally, we have done a lot of that. 
 We have also been able to spend quite a bit of time with our friend family. A day off school and friends who are off on Mondays is a major bonus! 
 We have even had a couple of May days warm enough for swimming! 
The kids had their spring program at school, and it was as cute as ever. Hadley was a little shell shocked with the audience. She spent the majority of the program sitting here looking like a deer in headlights. 
 To no surprise, Meyer was too busy checking out his surroundings to pay much attention to any singing or other activity that was happening on stage. He just kind of blends in with the crowd. 
 Hadley changed her tune a bit when it was time for her class to sing. They are the youngest group and their little song was so adorable!
 This picture makes me laugh because I had a conversation with Meyer before the program about who would all be there to watch him and how he should wave to all of us when he saw us. He was absolutely appalled by this request and said, "Mommy! We are not supposed to wave!" He is totally our little rule follower. Anyway, the second he saw us all lined up in the audience, he just couldn't help himself and I got it on camera! 
 We took the kids to their first Disney on Ice experience. You could say Hadley was a tad excited about dressing us like a princess for the night! 
We had amazing tickets on the ice...literally only a little one foot barrier between the kids and the ice! 
 It was pretty magical and both kids absolutely loved it! 
We had a beautiful weekend for Hadley's first dance recital. She had one last year, but we had a wedding conflict, so she couldn't be in the actual performance. We are calling this year her first! 
 A million percent GIRL! 
 This boy, waiting to give his sister her flowers...I can't. Too much! 
 Sister rocked it out on stage like a boss and we were all so proud! 
(She's on the far right)
One of Meyer's top priorities was finding his girl after the show! 
Hadley had quite the fan club on recital day! 
 Dancing cousins finally posing for a photo! 
 Great Grandma "Gigi" even came to watch her girls! 

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