A Recital, a Wedding and Mother's Day!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Here I am again, cramming all kinds of things into one post. I'm still waiting for more hours to be added to my days, then I'll be a better blogger. Promise. 

Mother's Day weekend this year was full of activities and little relaxation. To kick things off, Hadley had her very first dance recital. Sadly, because of our other more important commitments, she could only do the rehearsal. In all honesty, we really didn't have time for that, but how could I resist this costume?  
One of Hadley's dancing buddies is also our neighbor, so we picked her up on our way to rehearsal. These 2 were just too much to handle on our short drive there. They were chatting and giggling the whole way!
"You so silly!"
"No, you so silly!"
Tee hee hee...tee hee hee! 
The lighting wasn't great for pictures, so they are limited. 
It really couldn't have been any cuter! These 3 are months apart in age and will most likely be together from preschool-high school. 
Our much more important commitment for the weekend, was my cousin's wedding. Mal and I grew up together. She is the closest thing to a real sister I will ever have and was my very first best friend. She asked me and kids to be a part of her day, and we were so honored. 
Despite the weather on that particular day, every other detail was just perfect! 
...and what a gorgeous bride she was! 
These 2 were pretty amazing as well. Meyer had a bit of a rough time at the rehearsal the night before, which had me in a panic for the real deal. I'm happy to say, he made his momma proud that night! 
We are so happy for this beautiful new couple, and can't wait for them to move in...RIGHT NEXT DOOR! The icing on the cake my friends. Never in our wildest childhood dreams would we have guessed we would live right next door to one another, and I can't wait! 
Last but not least, we celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday. I woke up to these sweet faces excitedly wishing me a happy Mother's Day. Then there was the presentation of the gifts. Meyer has been working so hard up in his playroom on my gift. He made it all himself, wrapped it and decorated this box. 
Inside that huge box was a pencil box he used for the gift box. He had it stuffed full of sheer ribbon that he used for the tissue paper, and this handmade beauty was carefully wrapped in the center. He was SO proud...and I was SO happy! He proclaimed, "It's one a kind!" It sure is buddy, and so are YOU!
We visited with my mom that morning and had brunch with Andy's mom and grandma.
It was a wonderful day celebrating all of the special moms in our life. 

...and I even got a nap! 

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Last Days of Preschool!

Monday, May 11, 2015

 Friday was officially Meyer's last day of preschool. While that's a tough pill to swallow, I'm so excited for him to move on to Pre-K. He's so ready! 
 As usual, I'm always so amazed at the difference a year makes. Those baby cheeks melt away more and more each second. It's terribly sad and I can't make it stop! 
There is no one more excited than this guy that summer is finally here! Although you will never get him to admit it, he really does love school. It's a verbal battle every school morning about how he hates school, it's boring, why does he have to go so much, it's too long...and on and on and on. He always walks in with a smile and each and every day at pick up, I ask him how his day was and he says, "GOOD!" When questioned about his morning statements, he responds, "I just didn't know it was going to be that fun." Help.Me. This one wears me out. 
He had a great year, with another great teacher, who swears he's "the most laid back, go with flow kid she knows." I'm not really sure who she's talking about or if she's even met my son, but I'm glad he is pleasant at school! 
The last week of school wouldn't be complete without the field trip to the zoo.
 Meyer had such a great class this year! We will miss the red room dearly, and we sure hope to see some of them in his class next year! 
 The main attraction at our little zoo, are the giraffes. This is just about the only picture I have from there. 
We had a great year, with great friends!

Here's to hoping for a summer full of these kind of days...
 ....because I think it's the only way we will make it through! 

See you in August, Totten Hall! 

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Spring Things!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Now that I've covered all the obligatory posts (vacation and Easter), it's time to document a little of our everyday spring life. We have been outside...A LOT! This boy of mine would live out there if that were an option. This is Meyer's first warm season with no naps, so we've been taking serious advantage of those afternoon hours where it's just him and I. 
 We have a new addition to our yard this year....
While we aren't sure what our neighbors think of our monstrosity, the kids are over the moon! 
 Our buddy, Hank, helped us break it in on the first day and we hope that all of our friends can visit soon! 
Hadley's been dancing away and even has her first recital coming up. 
 We wrapped up Easter with Meyer's school egg hunt and party...
 The cutest little egg hunters you ever did see!
It's hard to believe he only has a couple of weeks of school left. He had a great class this year, and we will miss the Red Room! They did a fabulous job at their spring program. 
Little lifeguards and yellow polka dot bikinis! 
It was pretty much the cutest thing on the planet. 

We picked golf and tennis for Meyer to try this spring. 
 So far, he's really loving both, but says golf is his favorite. 
 Aprill 11th brings two of my favorite guy's birthdays. Andy and my dad share a birthday and we have a long standing tradition of celebrating them together. 
 ...with this photo being taken every year! 
 Meyer thought it was so cool that his "half birthday" was right around this same time, and insisted we celebrate that too! How do I have a 4.5 year old? Just doesn't seem right. 
Remember how I said Meyer doesn't nap anymore? 
 We celebrated another birthday with our friend family this same weekend. I absolutely love these get togethers. Our group keeps growing and growing! 
 Watching these kids connect as they get older is one of the best feelings.
 Can you imagine these wild ones at 16? 
 I think we're in trouble! 
This picture takes my breath away. We are so abundantly blessed with these people...big and small. 
Besties and babies....feels like home to me!!! 

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