June Happenings

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Well that happened fast...how is June already over? The only way that any blogging is going to happen is in monthly summary form, so here is our June! Be prepared...it's a long one.

I kicked off the month spending a night out with the girls...
 and Jake Owen...
 ....and Kenny! 
 The 4 of us totally lucked out before the concert getting sandbar passes totally at random! We weren't even sure what they were at first, but we soon realized we would be seeing the concert while literally touching the stage!! It was so much fun:) 
June brought lots of pool days. Some with cousins...
...and our favorite Gigi! 
 Others at the pool with friends!
Our trips to the pool include lots of snacks and even more potty breaks these days. I swear they drink 10 gallons of pool water each. So gross and so obnoxious visiting the potty 439 times with wet swimsuits...and they never have to go at the same time...never. 
 These pool trips also usually happen during H's nap time, which leads to frequent rests with her bestie! 
We mainly swim at home or at Mimi's house though! 
Andy and I have snuck away once for a Friday night couple's scramble. We used to play in every one...times have changed my friends. 
Daddy took Meyer to get his standard haircut one evening, and brought him home looking like a 12 year old. Did I mention our hairdresser is my best friend? Those 2 were in the doghouse...big time. Traitors. 
Meyer and Hank completed their first summer camp session at our children's museum and had an absolute blast! 
We took a trip with friends to Holiday World one Sunday. 
Hadley could ride all the kiddie rides, but she was literally 1/4 of an inch too short for the next level rides. She snuck on a few standing tall on her tip toes, but it didn't work for most. She was so bummed. 
 Meyer was way off the mark for riding any roller coasters, so he was also totally disappointed. The waterpark was a big hit for both though, but I wasn't able to get any pictures! 
 Andy spent 2 weeks of June out of town, but we were able to sneak away for a weekend in Dallas, which included a date night...
 and a black tie wedding! 
 The wedding was gorgeous and we had so much fun spending time with these guys! 
 We came home on Father's Day...
Then we spent the week with cousin Max and Aunt Megan while the big boys went on their annual fishing trip. 
My favorite picture of summer so far....this sweet man and his great grand babies! 

We ended June with a sprinkle for Megan and baby GIRL due to join the family on August 22nd! 
Check out the monthly onesies Mimi whipped up!! LOVE. 
 ...and this guy! 
The big brother and the sweetest little nephew you ever did see. 
The girl cousins could be located at the food table....
 Shockingly, eating again! H has quickly learned who to find when she needs a treat of any kind. Cousin Mal will never say no! 

If you made it all the way to end, thanks for reading! Maybe I'll be better this month...probably not though:) 

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A Letter for Hadley...Love, Baba.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

When Meyer was two and half, I asked my mom to write a paragraph or two about him. In true Wendy fashion, I ended up with an entire letter full of every tiny detail about our boy in her perspective. It's to this day one of my favorite things to go back and read. 

A few months back I started to casually mention that Hadley was getting closer to two and half. I didn't even have to ask...she was already on it. A few weeks ago, this popped up in my email...

Here's my letter to sweet Hadley Rose.  If you want me to change anything, just let me know.
I love her so much and I love you,

*For the record, I didn't change a thing.

Dear Hadley,

Your Mom is doing a great job of recording the important events and milestones in your life.  As you turn 2 ½, she asked for some thoughts to add to her incredible record.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve loved watching you grow.  First I watched you as a grainy dot on an ultrasound picture when my love was filled with hope so big that I wanted it to penetrate your little body and make it keep growing until I could see you in the arms of your Mom and Dad. 

Then I watched you as a little pink bundle of hungry and sleepy when my love was filled with awe and gratitude that you were actually here and getting a teensy bit bigger every day.  Then I watched as you mastered every first year milestone on time and with great self-satisfaction and my love was filled with curiosity about what kind of a person you would become.

I watched you grow into a little girl with a huge personality and obvious potential and now my love is filled with anticipation of all you will be and do over the coming years. 

One of my biggest hopes is that you will continue to be so remarkably observant.  You’ve obviously spent much time watching and learning from what the adults around you are doing.  Your facial expressions and mannerisms are so mature, particularly when you’re taking care of your many doll babies.  Nothing has escaped you about how to be a thoughtful, attentive, and disciplined caregiver.  Although I do notice that, at least at my house, the stuffed animals are in the “time out” chair lots more than your baby dolls.  At least you put them there without anger and sometimes remember to take them back out.

I also hope that you remain as confident in yourself as you are at age 2 ½.   Your social confidence is impressive in every setting I’ve seen you in.  And your physical confidence and poise seems beyond even that of a typical second child.  You want to try things that are probably more than you should be able to do but somehow your confidence usually creates success even though your attempts make my heart skip a beat or two.  Keep going with that physical confidence!

And I hope that you will continue to balance your strong will with your caring nature and your sense of humor.  You can be a little bossy but you also laugh at yourself.  You’re occasionally histrionic but you come by that naturally (from I won’t say which parent).  The combination of will, care, and humor will take you far. 

Hadley Rose, you are a smart, loving little girl who has charmingly beguiled her way deep into her Baba’s heart.  I will continue to feel blessed as I watch with love and wonder as you grow into a person that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I will always be so proud to call my granddaughter.

I love you more than words can say.

Thank you for doing this again mom. Your love for my children continues to blow me away daily. We are blessed! 

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Hadley {2.5 years}

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I literally can't wrap my head around that fact that it's been 2.5 years since we met our little lady.  I mean, they say it goes by fast, but goodness gracias....I remember so vividly holding that tiny peanut for the first time. While she's not my tiny peanut anymore, she's still my baby. She's so far from a baby, but since she is our youngest, it's easy to keep feeling that way. 

Just as I did with Meyer, I want to write a little something to remember exactly what our girl is like at two and a half. I have also asked my mom to write a letter to her, just like she did for Meyer at the same age, so stay tuned for that. 

At 2.5, Hadley is...full of SASS...full of LIFE...full of ATTITUDE...full of SELF CONFIDENCE...full of DETERMINATION...and full of LOVE. She has stayed completely true to her "sweet and sassy" disposition, although the age of 2 has brought a lot more sass than sweet.

I could have very well blocked it out, but I don't remember the "twos" being anything like this for her brother. The struggle is real my friends. She is a hot mess most days, spreading attitude near and far. She is constantly testing boundaries with me and most definitely with her brother. One of her favorite things to do is wait until Meyer has worked really hard on building something with legos or magnets and then nonchalantly walk by and destroy it. Among other things, her interests include fussing, talking back, spitting, and most recently we have added violence to the list. Sister spends her fair share in time out these days.

I really hate to focus on the negatives, so let's just say...daily life with sassafras is a challenge for certain.

On most days, she sprinkles in some sweet here and there. She is a lover of all things baby...real ones and her baby dolls. Hadley would honestly be the best big sister. She so meticulously takes care of her babies...giving them baths, feeding them, changing their clothes and rocking them. The list goes on and on, and I could watch her for hours playing babies. 

From a very early age, we have seen her confidence in life. She doesn't know a stranger and will try anything...she isn't scared of a thing. I'm so proud of her outgoing personality and acceptance of all others. She knows what she wants and will put up one heck of fight until I comply. 

She LOVES the water and is fearless, but knows she needs her wings on. She jumps in off the side, can float on her back and loves going underwater. So much so that bath time has become swim time, as she clears a soap free space so she can put her face in. 

Hadley loves her grandparents, but don't you think for a second she behaves like an angel for them. Very different from her brother, she takes her attitude with her. So far, we haven't heard any complaints from school, thank goodness. Speaking of school, she is officially enrolled for preschool this fall and is so excited to start! 

She has been completely potty trained for 2 months, which means we are officially a diaper free home! We still have her in her crib, and as long as it works for us, that is where she will stay. She has no interest in getting rid of her pacifier, and I'm ok with that. Over the last month she has been very good with only having it at nap, bed and in the car sometimes. 

She still takes her glorious 3 hour nap every afternoon. It's very rare that I don't have to wake her, and most days, she is less than thrilled when I do. It can sometimes take a good 30 minutes for her snap out of it. I never complain about those post nap snuggles though! 

Hadley Rose, you are strong and smart and beautiful and full of love. At the end of the day, as we snuggle in your rocking chair before bed, it's easy to overlook the sass you brought to our day. You keep us on our toes little lady, and we love you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. 

But let's be nice from this point forward. Deal?

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