Hermann Halloween 2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015

I always start out early searching for coordinating costume ideas for the kids. This year, our family vacation was to a Beaches Resort with a Sesame Street theme. Meyer thought The Count was the coolest, and Hadley loved Zoe and Abby Cadabby while we were there. They have watched little clips here and there on You Tube, but neither one has actually ever seen Sesame Street! 

They were thrilled with idea and I was patting myself on the back for again pulling off the coordinating costumes! I know my day is coming, but I'm taking full advantage while I can. So, with the help of my extremely talented mom, we had the cutest Count and Abby Cadabby around! 
Hadley had school parties almost all week and her reaction to seeing herself in costume for the first time was priceless! 
The sweetness is just too much! 
Mimi and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make her undershirt fancy too! She was Abby Cadabby through and through. 
She had 2 MMO parties and her preschool party. This girl was a professional trick or treater by Halloween! 
I just LOVE how her teacher dressed up too! 
Come Friday, it was finally The Count's turn. 
He had so much fun partying with this Pre-K friends. 
These two friends make me smile so big!! 
The Pre-K teachers dressed up too! 
The kids were able to trick or treat all around the preschool...
...and then got to walk over to the "big school" for more!
Meyer's beloved Miss Joanie. I LOVE how she is there with my guy everyday! 
We took advantage of the kids being in costume already and started our trick or treating rounds early. 
We visited Daddy first, where he had stocked up every single office in his building with candy for his babies. What a guy, that daddy! 
Then we headed downtown to visit Dude and Unlce Noah. While the candy was limited, Meyer was just as impressed being able to see the unfinished 4th floor and basement. Who needs candy? 
We kept things going Friday night with my grandma's Halloween party. It's always so special seeing the "Meyers" together. 
Seeing her eyes light up knowing that my mom made their costumes was the best! Grandma spent endless hours sewing for us as kids, and now my mom is doing it for mine. I think she's pretty proud of her work! 
While they loved the candy, the hospital bed was the highlight that night! Up and down, up and down, over and over again. 
We weren't sure if they would get enough sugar on Halloween, so we hit up Crispy Creme bright and early. 
We started our rounds fairly early this year. Halloween being on a Saturday was very helpful! 
Baba and Dude's 
Mimi and Pop Pop's 
We visited other family members close by and then headed to Gigi's for her annual Halloween get together. Hadley found her baby cousin, Baylor, and was happy to pass up all candy being offered to just sit and hold the baby! Baylor wasn't so sure about this situation, but my little momma was in heaven. A real Hadley smile, if you've ever seen one! 
We eventually headed out to meet up with friends and experience some "real" door to door trick or treating. Both kids were totally into it this year! 
We spent the rest of the evening playing with friends! 
The perfect Halloween for us:) 

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Fall Happenings...A Random Catch Up!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Before I post about our Halloween, I need to do a random catch up from other fall activities. Fall is always super busy around here.

Let's begin with these pictures of me and my twin, Ella! I forgot to post these on Meyer's birthday post. If you could ever meet a child so similar to their mother...it would be this girl. Brandi's girl through and through.
 This was at the very end of the party, and Ella just couldn't leave without having a photo of our matching boots....in 2 separate poses. Hey Brandi Junior!
Meyer's class took their annual field trip to Mayse Farm. These friends had a blast!
The kids wrapped up soccer season. Thank goodness because mommy was getting cold!
It was so cold and windy the last game, that this was it for Hadley's team... the 3 lone rangers!
At least they came with their game faces!
This team of cuties was so fun this year!
...and then I asked to take a picture with their trophies. So cooperative...these 2.
They do have their moments though!
We just barely made it downtown for the Fall Festival. We usually go several times, but this year just didn't allow for it. A quick pronto pup and we were out!
 We of course had 31 days of Halloween garb!
 Most of it courtesy of our Mimi!
Meyer and I took a weekend trip to South Bend to cheer on the Irish and meet up with our cousins from California . 
 While it was SO wonderful to see family, the trip was an absolute disaster. I think 2 back to back weekends of traveling with Meyer was a bit much.
 This boy can be something FIERCE...and then he sleeps...for 5 seconds.
The kids had the St. Jude's Trike-A-Thon at school. Meyer could actually ride this year, so he thought it was great. Hadley walked around the track approximately one time and then said she was all done.  She looked the part though...which is all that matters sometimes!
Meyer thought I took many pictures this month. 
 ...and decided he would change things up from his traditional cheese!
 Hadley carved a pumpkin of her very own...and by Hadley, I mean Aunt Lauren!
 We celebrated this girl's 4th birthday with a great fall party!
The sweetest little Goddaughter...just can't believe it's been 4 years! 
 Meyer spent the entire party (not even kidding a little) sitting on the porch working tirelessly on his prize pumpkin.
My girls! One could swear they were sisters. These two not only look alike, but are pretty much the same person. Wild women!
 Hadley did quite a bit of baby holding this past month, and I'm telling you, I've never seen her in a happier state of mind! She gets it honestly. I was a baby maniac as a child!
It's a good thing these 2 are so cute! 
 We have had so much fun this fall!

Halloween Happenings are up next! 

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