16 Months Old {Baker}

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Our sweet guy is 16 months old!! 
He started a mom's day out program this month, and while he's still getting used to being dropped off, he loves it when I'm gone. We are so happy to back with the same teachers Meyer and Hadley had for their first days of "school". He got to bring cute little Valentine's for his friends this month. They turned out so cute but he cried every time he saw them, because he wanted to eat them! 
When you're trying to keep up a bod like this, you gotta get all the snacks you can! 
Our guy still loves his food. He's such a good eater for all 3 meals, but this kid can also snack with the best of them. If he's awake, he's a snackin. He lives by the pretzel jar and is constantly ask me to refill his "straws" veggie straws. He also loves his goldfish! 

Speaking of love. He is completely head over heels for the Netflix show, Little Baby Bum. Obsessed doesn't even touch it. If it's not on the TV, he's asking for it. He will hand you the remote and repeat "bum, bum, bum" until someone turns it on. He will sit and watch for a good 5-10 minutes and then he'll just occasionally stop and watch here and there, but if you turn it off, he comes a running! 
He's getting so big and independent. He can climb up on almost anything now. He is starting to be able to open some of the doors in the house and can reach into the kitchen drawers without a problem. He loves to brush his teeth, and I found him like this just the other day. Stop being so big!!! 
He cut all 4 canines this month, and while he had a few cranky days, his happiness remained being steady! 
 I could literally kiss these cheeks all the days of my life!!! So in love with this little boy!
We took him to the Magic House for his first visit this month. He was still a little young, but we will keep taking him! 
 This guy's vocabulary is really starting to grow. He tries to repeat almost anything we say, and has really perfected lots of words. I heard him string 2 words together for the first time this month.
"ma straws"
(more veggie straws)
Hearing his little voice speaking actual words is just too sweet!
 Baker, you are everything!! That smile and those hooded eyes of yours....you make your momma melt.

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January Happenings

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's apparent to me that this blog is going to become monthly posts this year, considering it's almost the end of February and I'm just now recapping January. It's the best I can do!

We started the month off taking the bigs on a date to watch the Aces play. We sure love our little Baker but getting out without a baby is good for all of us sometimes! He was napping most of the time and then hanging with his Baba...just where he would prefer to be. 
 Then our month took a dreaded turn....the first major snow of the winter....and it just kept coming!!!
We had SIX snow days in a row people. SIX!!! 
 These little sweetie babies and me were stuck in the house for a solid week of togetherness. I love my kids. I really do. But no. Just no!!!!
 I will admit, after the fact, that it was not that bad. Maybe I've just already forgotten but there were moments of sweetness that I'll cherish forever and minimal whining and complaining.
 We made it out of the house a few times, and I even got to take the bigs to see a movie once!
January was our first attempt at Yumble, and we are really enjoying it! It's a food delivery service for kids. The meals are already prepared...you just have to warm them up! I was very excited about them because there are so many nights that I end up just doing Mac n Cheese or something similar because of time constraints or lack of planning. 
 This just gives us another healthy and quick option! Overall, I'm impressed. We have done 3 deliveries so far and are figuring out our likes and dislikes. Thumbs up for Yumble so far.
My favorite part of the month was our girl's weekend to Louisville. Good for the soul I tell ya. A weekend with 3 amazing gals with no timelines, schedules or anyone but ourselves to take care of. Shopping, cocktails, food and sleep. 
 Hadley and daddy went the Father Daughter dance at school while I was gone. Thanks to my peeps back home for getting my girl all ready!
We squeezed in one more Bigs date before the month was over. We did dinner, bowling and ice cream. I would love to make this a monthly tradition! 
 We ending our month getting all fancy for the Holy Rosary Gala!
 Such a fun night busting our all moves on the dance floor and supporting our wonderful school! See all these friends of mine? Not one of them has a kid at our school, but they all came out to support mine. I am so lucky they are mine.

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15 Months Old {Baker}

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Our handsome little guy is 
15 Months Old

...and sweet as can be!!! 
It's been a good month. He rang in 2018 looking like a stud in his tux and hitting the sheets by his normal 7pm. 
He got his very first haircut and hated every single second of it, but his big bro and sis were there to help him feel better. 
 He experienced his first real snowfall. It snowed once last year and we got photo but this was his first time out in the snow. He liked it but he could barely walk so it wasn't too thrilling. His feet are so fat that he couldn't fit in Meyer's old snow boots so he ended up in ones that were way to big! It was fun while it lasted for about 10 minutes and then he was happy to head back inside with momma. 
 He started Kindermusik this month and the verdict is still out on his feelings about this new experience. It took me several classes to even get a picture of him because he is like a little velcro attachment to me during the whole class. I was very shocked at his reaction to the class because he's familiar with the place and usually isn't too clingy unless I'm trying to leave him somewhere. I have a feeling it's just an adjustment period because he does seem to really enjoy parts of the class (as long as he's touching me at all times). 
This guy is still our big eater!!! I swear, it's all he does all day. He snacks and eats meals at all times. He has preferences but eats enough things for me to call him a good eater for sure. 
(he ate every morsel of the plate below and then asked for a snack)
 He has discovered the pretzel jar and spends a lot of his free time parked here begging for a 2 sticks in each hand (don't even try to give him one at a time). He's a true Hermann with his love for pretzels. 
We go for his 15 month check up in a couple of weeks, so I'll update his stats later. I'm positive he's our biggest baby of all. 

I was right. Biggest baby of the bunch!
15 Month Stats
26lbs 14oz (92nd Percentile)
32" (73 Percentile)

My little "helper" is such a joy to have around. He's so good. He loves to play in his playroom and watch his beloved Little Baby Bum on TV. He's very independent in his play, which makes my life a whole lot easier. That is unless he hears the laundry room door or the dishwasher open...then you hear those little feet a hustlin. 
 He has discovered his sister's iPad and my phone this month. His favorite game is Peek A Boo Barn. Our sitter discovered the guided access setting which has been a total lifesaver because you can set it so they can't hit the home button and take them out of the app. It's been a lifesaver. He will find the iPad and bring it to you saying, "Bar, bar bar." 
This month he has really started to try and repeat a lot more words. He's still very much behind where his siblings were at this point, but we are getting there!!! His word list is growing...
Mama, Dada, Sissy, Bubba, Baba, Pop Pop, nana (banana), schoo (school), bar (peek a boo barn), bababa (baby bum), tickle tickle, cheese, chicken (or some version of it), ny ny, bye bye, go 
I'm sure there are more and I swear I've heard him say thank you as well! 

He cut all of his first set of molars this month and totally rocked it out. He had a few clingy/whiney days where he wasn't himself but other than that, all was good! 

He sleeps like a boss. One nap a day for about 3 hours every afternoon. Bed at 7pm and up anywhere from 6:30 to 8:00 every morning. He had 2 early mornings this month (up before 6) and we aren't sure why but that was it. He's my favorite. 
I mean this fat baby, I couldn't love this guy any more. HE IS THE BEST BEST BEST!!!! 

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{2017} A Year in Review

Monday, January 1, 2018

It's time for our Year in Review post for 2017. Always a favorite part to the end of my year...looking back at all of our happenings. We had another year full of all things wonderful and feel abundantly blessed. 

We kicked off 2017 on a family vacation in Palm Springs. It was our firs trip outnumbered by kiddos, and while we had family with us to help, it went exceptionally smooth! We had Baker's Baptism in January among a few other January Happenings
February brought Valentine's Day and a little taste of warmer weather. I was still doing a good job at my monthly blog post with February Happenings
March Happenings included welcoming our niece Isla Mae to our family. We went to the Dominican Republic for Spring Break and celebrated 90 and 94 years for my grandmas. 
In April, our traveling trend continued with our trip to Disney World with the Franz Family. We celebrated Easter and our Godson's First Communion. Baker turned 6 months old and I managed to make his Birth to 6 Month video
With May came the kid's first baseball team, Mother's Day, a trip to St. Louis with friends, Meyer's Kindermusik graduation and our babysitter's wedding. Meyer and Hadley were honored to be a part as flower girl and ring bearer. My blogging started to slack and I condensed April and May Happenings.
Our summer officially started in June. We dove right into our tennis and Swim Team routine. 
We also took our annual trip to St. Louis for a week for Magic House Camp and time at Baba's house. You can read about our St. Louis Summer
We kicked off July with our Hermann Family vacation to Hilton Head, where we celebrated the 4th of July. Baker learned to crawl while we were there! We also did an adult's only trip to the cabin, and I blogged very little, but managed a quick July Happenings re-cap. My blogging took a big hit over the summer. Thankfully Baker's monthly posts kept me in check at least once a month. 
In August, Andy and I celebrated 9 years (we did a weekend in Chicago at the end of July). The kids went back to school. Meyer started 1st Grade and Hadley started Pre-K. I took a girl's trip to Florida with some of my favorite moms and we had such a relaxing few days. We also got to see the Solar Eclipse.
In September, Meyer started his first year of Cub Scouts. We spent Labor Day at the cabin trying out Pop Pop's new paddle board and took an adult's only trip with our friends to The Excellence, Playa Mujeres! 
October is always our busiest of months. We always begin the month celebrating that boy who made me a momma. Meyer turned SEVEN this year. A few weeks later our baby, Baker, turned ONE! We celebrated with Later Gator birthday party. As if October isn't full enough, only days later we got all dressed up for Halloween. Wizard of Oz was our theme this year! 
November kept us on our toes with all of the Thanksgiving celebrations and parties at school. Christmas even snuck in a little early as we went on the Polar Express and started with some holiday events. 
Ok fine, it's December. That's the busiest. We get all decorated and go Fa la la ing around to holiday parties all month. On December 18th, we celebrated our girl turning FIVE! We also took a trip with just her to Chicago for an American Girl Birthday. Just a short week later, and we were ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas celebrations. 

We rounded out our year at home this year. We had a New Year's Party with the kids and Mimi and Pop Pop! It was one of my favorite New Year's Eves to date. We had our traditional "Thomas Family Kid's Party"...the adults had lobster and beef tenderloin...and we played board games until our new year's toast at 11pm!!! (We talked the kids into celebrating with New York) 

Overwhelmed with the blessings from 2017 and looking forward to what 2018 has in store for us! 

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