A Fall "Friend Family" Kind of Weekend

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last weekend we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather. We had a entire weekend planned with our "friend family" complete with everything fall! 

Saturday afternoon we headed out to Allie's mom and dad's beautiful home/property for a fall party for the kids! They went on too many gator rides to count...
Carved/painted/stickered pumpkins to their little hearts content. 
Played with their buddies...
Goofing off as all boys should! 
We enjoyed watching the littles run and play all while LOVING this gorgeous view!
Oh and this one too...it's incredible how blessed we are. 
This was 14 of the 17 kids! 
When it got dark, they had an outdoor movie under the stars! It was such a great night. Thanks Frounfelters and Molls for hosting! 

Sunday we took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch! 

I'm seriously already looking forward to next year! 

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Happy Fall...Family Style!

Monday, October 27, 2014

We are having so much fun with our little family this fall! October jammies are one of our most favorite things....and I can't get over these next few pictures. 

My 2 little pumpkin heads! 
Daddy and I are clearly hilarious people....
See? Funny stuff! 
We always kick off October 1st with our skeleton jams! 
 We get them all charged up and watch them GLOW! They are always so excited to see all the bones light up, but this year, Meyer has protested a little at bedtime about the continued glowing!
We have continued Mommy School this month with a Halloween theme. This sensory bin was a huge hit with both kids! 
...and of course we have been trying to keep up with our themed food! 
We all know it's not October without a little pumpkin carving, and someone was a bit excited...I won't name names. 
 He was thrilled to "gut" his pumpkin!
 Sister just enjoyed watching Daddy do the dirty work! She's a smart little girl I tell you. 
 It may have taken us through the next day to finish our pumpkins, but I think they turned out super cute! 
 ...and my favorite ones are most definitely the kid's custom creations! 
Last weekend, we took a little road trip over to Owensboro to check out Reid's Orchard. We were totally bummed that apple picking was over for the year, but it was their fall festival which totally made up for it. 
 Then this happened while we were there...
 ...and I almost died from the cuteness overload! 
 To top it all off, Hadley went on her first big girl ride. I was terrified she was going to fall out, but look who held her hand the entire ride! Gah! These two lately have been melting my heart! 

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Hadley Rose {22 Months Old}

Monday, October 20, 2014

I cannot believe this little lady is almost 2 years old. Two short months away...and I don't like it! What I do like though, is seeing her bloom into this little girl. She is so much fun!
This month she has become obsessed with her clothes, shoes and bows! She must always have a bow in her hair and you will hear about it if you forget. I'm so proud. She loves getting dressed every morning and running to show daddy what we picked out for the day. She loves shopping with her momma and loves to rat us out to anyone who will listen. 
A typical conversation will go like so...
Daddy: "What did you and mommy do today?"
Haddy: "Sop!" (Shop)
Daddy: "You did? What did you shop for?"
Haddy: "Cose" (Clothes) 
We are really going to have to work on this. 
She has also discovered this month that she can take her clothes and shoes off...all the time. Her new thing is being "nakey" as she calls it. Anytime I'm changing her or she feels like stripping down...she goes for it and then takes off running and yelling..."NAKEY!" She's wearing me out with taking her shoes and socks off every single time we go anywhere. 
She is learning new words every minute and has finally started stringing words together! It's amazing how this just happens overnight. She will rattle something new off almost everyday now. 
 "All gone"
"All done"
"Ooooh yummy tummy!"
"Knock on door"
"Let it go"
"Big girl"
"Tip over"
...and many more!
She is still loving school and will begin 2 days a week next month. Kindermusik is another favorite activity. She has learned so much and loves reenacting what we did in class at home. Her most favorite song is Jesus Loves Me and we sing it every day before nap and every night before bed. I've started letting her fill in the words and her favorite parts are...
"For the bible tells me...SO!"
"They are weak, but he is SRONG!"
Hadley Rose, you are such a blessing to us. Your fun little personality attracts people near and far. You are such a good little girl and we LOVE YOU so so much. 
Happy 22 months my sweet baby! 

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