Donuts and Pajamas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This past weekend we celebrated (a little early) our girl turning TWO! She has a terrible birthday as far as timing goes....a week before Christmas. December birthdays are hard with all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays. So I will make every effort to keep her birthday and Christmas separate! This year, I picked a 'Donuts and Pajama' theme. 
From a very early age, we knew this girl loved her food. I mean she gets it honestly, so it's no surprise. Donuts seemed like the perfect party food and you really can't go wrong with babies in pajamas.

These are her fancy jammies!

 This is the second year we have done her party in our basement...away from all things Christmas! 
I'm so happy with how it all turned out. 
The pictures don't do this justice, but I love how this table turned out. The kids thought it was so cool to be eating on a bed! 
 I came across these pillowcases on Etsy {here} and just had to have them. I love that they were the perfect touch to her party, but can be used for years to come in her room as well. 
 Our local donut shop is THE best in the world, and they made these cute custom donuts just for us! 
The party food was so fun and easy and I think it was a big hit with the kids too! 
I am so happy with how the favors turned out. I found these bowls for .78 cents at Walmart and paired them with a mini cereal and milk and voila! 
 {All signage is from the amazing Parties and Pastries}

Our girl LOVED every minute of her party...bebopping around chatting it up with anyone and everyone....gobbling up sprinkles and donuts...just loving life! 
 I was not going to do a cake because of all of the sweets we were already having, but the only thing H would say when you mentioned her party was "cake". I felt like I had to have one for her...and I'm SO glad I did because you guys!!!!! How amazing is this? 
...and it was delicious too! 

So many of our little friends made it out to celebrate with us!! I could hardly stand the cuteness of so many littles running around in their jams. 
Haddy's beloved Uncle "No No" was home too! 
 We had fancy hair too! 
 Some of the "big kids" wore their pajamas too! 
We had a couple of special guests crashing the party! The only thing Christmas allowed at her party...her elf had a wardrobe change halfway through the party into her party attire. 
 ....and my favorite picture from the whole party!!!! 
I could literally eat her up I love her SO!!! 

Thank you all who came out to celebrate our girl. I can't believe she will be 2 on Thursday! 

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Christmas Card {2014}

Monday, December 15, 2014

We decided to do an outdoor Christmas photo shoot this year, and while I was nervous about the COLD, I'm so happy we decided to go for it! Our fab photographer wanted to do a shoot at a Christmas tree farm and we were all over it. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out! 
You can't tell from the pictures, but Meyer was his typical crazy self that day...doing everything BUT posing for pictures. Alisann does such a great job of capturing kids even in their natural state. 
While we were freezing our bums off posing for pictures...Meyer was busy running through the trees collecting as many pinecones and his little hands could carry!
 He would occasionally sneak in for a little sister squishing, which ended up being one of my favorite! You can tell by Hadley's face here how cold it was that day! She did awesome and was so excited to be out there, but you could tell she was freezing.
 Not to worry though, Daddy was always close by for a warm hug!
 These two. Gah!

I love them ALL so very much and feel so lucky to have all of these beautiful pictures to hold onto forever. Thank you Alisann Elpers at Captured Studios Photography!

I think it's safe to share our Christmas card now that they should have all been delivered.
Merry Christmas 2014
Love, The Hermanns

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Our Little Circus

Sunday, December 14, 2014

This is our 3rd year running attending the circus...always the Saturday after Thanksgiving! We rally all of our friends and head to the show. Each year gets a little they get older, the excitement level increases. We had so much fun!
 I have to start by saying that the lighting here is horrible, but can we talk about this sweet face? 
 We started our circus adventure by riding the extremely overpriced elephant ride that is 2 seconds long. 
 But's clearly worth it...right Brandi?!? I love this girl! 
 Part of our circus crew looking as sweet as can be! 
 Both of my kids were game for face paint this year! 
 Hadley was a bit confused at first with the feeling of the wet paint, but quickly forgot about it. 
 Our most favorite Pop Pop joined us again this year, and both kids leached on tight. 
 Because when you're with Pop Pop, you get the goods! 
 We squeezed in pony rides before the main event too! 
 Then it was up to our seats for the show! Meyer was pretty intent on watching the first 20 minutes. 
 Hadley was intrigued for a short time too! 
 Again....this face!!! 
 Really all the littles enjoyed some of the circus this year! 
 Meyer found the best seat in the house and was set for the rest of the show! 

Thank you friends for coming to the circus with us again! 

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