Easter Bunny Pictures

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's become a yearly tradition that we do an Easter mini session with the bunny, and this year was no exception. I love these mini sessions because I always have her pull the bunny out for a few that can last all year long. I would say she nailed it with this one:)
 They were both very excited to see Beaver the bunny rabbit! 
 ...and especially enjoyed feeding him his breakfast. 
 Meyer has come a long way from his first experience with a live bunny.
See what I mean?!?

 Hadley loved him too, but she was definitely more reserved and didn't appreciate him climbing on her legs. I'm fairly certain she was worried he would snag her tights...momma's girl! 
 As always, Alisann captured my babes in their truest form. 
...and I love every one of them! 
We also visited the Easter bunny at the mall...another yearly tradition. Again, no one cried. What a let down! 

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On to the Beach! {Clearwater}

Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday morning, after having breakfast with our friend Mickey, we rented a car and headed towards the beach! We lost the men at this point. Andy had to stay behind in Orlando to work for the rest of the week and Pop Pop headed home. So it was Mimi and I versus these two crazy nuts! 

They wasted little time digging into the sand. 
Our first full day, they were so excited to play in the sand. The resort where we stayed gave them each a cute little sand bucket when we checked in and they had a big basket full of sand toys for guests to use during the stay. 
 Hadley was a bit of handful this whole trip. She spent most of the Disney trip attached to my hip and was all kinds of sassy most of the beach trip as well. The one thing she did right though, was take killer beach naps every day! She redeemed herself briefly each day. 
 This was absolutely Meyer's favorite time of each day because he had mommy and Mimi all to himself! This boy was happy as a clam just playing and playing in the sand. 
 We stayed at the Sand Pearl in Clearwater. It was a recommendation from a friend and we were very happy with it! 
 Our only complaint was the pool was kind of small and crowded, but we preferred the beach this time around anyways! 
Sassafras decided she was having a diet coke this particular day...only in her dreams of course. 
 My pictures are a bit limited this portion of the trip. We were a little busy chasing these two around! 
 This was my first trip with my kids where the memories of my childhood vacations flooded back. You know, the age where we fight over who presses the elevator buttons and the constant back and forth about how we WILL get kicked out of this hotel if everyone doesn't lower their voices! I'm fairly certain I threatened to pack up and head home if they didn't straighten up on a daily basis. It's official...I have become my mother. 

Remember how I said pictures became limited? Wonder why? 
We tried some great restaurants thanks to recommendations from some friends on Facebook. 
 Hadley begged to try her first Blue Hawaiian, but mommy was not willing to share. I needed those daily beach cocktails all to myself. 
 We spend a lot of time with Mimi at home, but I think she saw another side of my crazies over this week at the beach! It's not always butterflies and rainbows, but I told you once and I'll tell you again...it's all about those moments.
 I think we were all ready to be home at the end of our Spring Break adventure! 
 ...and we were all DEFINITELY ready to reunite with daddy in Atlanta! 

It was a Spring Break to remember!!! 
The good, the bad and the ugly...but mainly, those moments of happiness we will never forget. 

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Disney World {Day 4} and Chef Mickeys

Sunday, April 12, 2015

This brings us to our last full day at Magic Kingdom. This was my favorite day! We had all the ins and outs figured out at this point, which made for an easy day. 
We headed straight to the park thinking they opened at 8 that day. It being Sunday, the park didn't actually open until 9. Momentary panic set in about having to wait for an hour, but bringing breakfast was our saving grace! The kids did great sitting and waiting in the stroller for the majority of the time. 
 Being that we had Mimi and Pop Pop with us, we were able to walk around a little when the kids got restless while they held our spot! Just one of the many reasons we were so happy to have them with us. 
 About 20 minutes before the park opened, they had a little show that really helped pass the time. All of our favorite characters were there and the kids loved it! 
 Finally it was time to go in...they actually opened the gates before 9:00, which is good to know! 
We didn't know what to expect, but we were literally one of the first groups in line and we had our sites set on the Mine Train! Mimi took Hadley in the stroller and the boys and I took off. It's a very controlled race as the staff walks ahead with ropes. 
 We were SO excited to be one of the first to ride 7 Dwarfs Mine Train...with NO LINE!!! 
Memory Maker
By the time we got off, the wait time was already 45 minutes! 
Memory Maker
 This was definitely the way to go to maximize rides. Show up early...wait a little in line before the park opens and there are literally NO LINES for most rides. While Mimi and Hadley had the Hall of Presidents all to themselves, we dashed around the park hitting up all the big rides that we wanted to either repeat or hadn't done yet. 
Big Thunder Mountain was another big hit for our roller coaster enthusiast. We got to ride 2 times in a row without even getting off...amazing for Disney! We also did Splash Mountain with no wait, but Meyer declared he did not like that ride and would not be going again...ever. He loved the drop at the end, but the getting wet part was very disturbing to him. His mother's son I tell you. As soon as the ride stopped, he said, "It's like I peed in my pants!" 
 Our first fast pass was Under the Sea...Journey of the Little Mermaid, but it was closed down. If this happens, you have a choice of several other rides to substitute your fast pass with. We chose Peter Pan's Flight again since Hadley missed out the first time. 

In between, we wandered around a little bit and Meyer pulled the sword from the stone. 
Memory Maker
Memory Maker
...and both kids loved the classic carousel! 
At this point we had been on 6 rides before 10am. THE only way to do it people!! Our next pass was for Tomorrowland Speedway. We were super excited for this ride but pretty let down with the actual experience. The cars weren't very easy to maneuver and Hadley hated it. 
We split up after this and the boys went back to the Barnstormer while the girls did this....
Memory Maker
 She looks a bit shelled shocked in these pictures, but she is STILL talking about how she got to meet Anna and Elsa! 
Memory Maker
We had done just about everything we wanted to do that day, so we headed back to the hotel for naps. We knew we had dinner reservations that night, and wanted to make sure the kids were somewhat rested, as we planned to stay at the park later. 
We scheduled an additional fast pass for Under the Sea...Journey of the Little Mermaid before dinner. It was one of my most favorite rides!! It was so colorful and fun. We didn't have time to repeat that one this trip, but it's a must in my opinion. 
Our dinner reservations were for the Be Our Guest restaurant. It's very hard to get reservations there and I have no tips for that one, but somehow we lucked out. 
Memory Maker
Memory Maker
They asked us when they called our names for dinner if we minded sitting in the West Wing. They said it's dark and a bit ominous and some kids don't like it. My kids don't scare easily, so we all said no problem. Bad call. They both seemed ok when we sat down, but then Meyer was intrigued by this picture...
 ...and then the picture did this while he was watching! 
 Done deal. He was over it...said he was leaving...said he would rather leave the park than go back in that room. We had already ordered and didn't really know what to do. Andy took him out and tried to calm him down, but nothing was helping..he was just too scared. Finally we decided to see if a little bribe would work. They have these battery operated color changing glasses that cost a mere $20...I'm sorry but that's just insane. Well, guess what is more insane? 
Yep, we bought one. It was literally the only thing he was willing to accept to continue dinner. It's a funny thing too, because this ended up being his favorite themed meal of the trip. He thought the "grey stuff" was the coolest stuff ever and has been singing "try the grey stuff, it's delicious...don't believe me...ask the dishes!" ever since. 

Shockingly, The Beast was one of his favorite characters! I would say we would most definitely try this dinner again...just not in the West Wing. The only thing that really disappointed me about this meal was that Belle wasn't there. It's just The Beast and he roams around during dinner but doesn't stop for photos. You can meet him after your meal for pictures in the Library. 
Memory Maker
After dinner, we had another additional fast pass and decided to try Winnie the Pooh. It was very disappointing! 

Both of my kids are really good about not begging for things they see, which I can imagine is a nightmare at Disney! So, we rewarded them both with light up souvenirs on our last night. We bought a few other things along the way, but nothing too crazy! 
We had just one more thing on our agenda before we hit the road for the beach. We got all decked out in our Mickey gear one last time...
 ...and headed to breakfast with Mickey and Friends at Chef Mickeys! This is located at The Contemporary, so it was a quick and easy trip on the monorail. 
 We had a blast! Both kids loved all the characters and the food was good too. 
Meyer was even handing out hugs! 
We would most definitely do this one again! 

Speaking of meals, we did the Dining Plus plan. This included one table service meal per day, one quick service and one snack per person. You also get a refillable mug for soft drinks, but you can only use that at the Disney Resorts, not in the parks. It worked out great for us, since we tried to have one planned meal a day (table service) with reservations and then we were open to grab whatever for our quick service and we mainly used our snack points for water bottles! Doing the dining plan is so easy and you know what you're paying ahead of time. All you have to do is scan your magic band and you're all set. If you are staying on property, your magic band is also your room key! 

That's a wrap for our very first Disney trip. We loved it so much, we may or may not already have another trip in the works! Did I just say that, because never in a million years would I have thought I would have been one of those!?! 

A great big THANK YOU to Mimi and Pop Pop for coming along! We couldn't have done it without you guys:) 

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