The Big's Last Hurrah {Resort and Disney Springs}

Friday, July 29, 2016

After spending 10 straight hours at Magic Kingdom the day before, we had built in a little pool day with no real plans other than relaxing. Our kids really enjoy Magic Kingdom the most at this stage and age, so we didn't mess with the other parks this time around. It left a perfect middle day for what they love most...swimming! 
Besides that, momma needed a break after all the time on my feet! So I sat back while the kids splashed and played with Daddy and Pop Pop all day. 
We got all cleaned up and headed downstairs to 1900 Park Fare for the Cinderella dinner that evening. 
Hadley was so excited to meet the Stepsisters. She has honestly never even really watched Cinderella but she LOVED those sisters for some reason! 
We had hoped Meyer would at least like Prince Charming a little...nope, he was too busy with his Shirley Temple and going exploring with Pop Pop. 
Hadley's favorite part, as expected, was definitely meeting "Cindy" who Meyer and I have so lovingly nicknamed her this summer. He always wants me to throw Had's princess dive sticks in the pool and just cracks up when I ask him where Cindy is. 
The stepmother was actually much nicer than I expected her to be and Hadley didn't mind a bit! 
After dinner it was still early so we decided to cab over to Disney Springs to visit the Lego Store and wander around a bit. 
The kids were clearly beyond exhausted as the night ended in a disaster of fighting and crying, but we  had a pretty great day aside from that. Waterslides, Cinderella and Sprinkles Cupcakes! 
We had one more park day in the middle, but it requires its own post. We didn't have a flight scheduled until later Sunday evening, so we filled our day with other non park fun. I want to take this picture of the kids every time we go in the Grand Floridian lobby. 
Can you believe how much they have changed in just over a year?

The night we were at Disney Springs we saw a bowling alley called Splitsville which looked super fun, so we decided that would be a nice and cool Sunday activity.
The kids (and adults) had an absolute blast. This will definitely be a must do for all upcoming trips. I would go back there simply to have their french goodness gracious they were amazing!
We haven't done a disney trip yet without having a meal with Mickey and friends at Chef Mickey's. We had THE WORST table in the house for picture taking purposes, so that was a little disappointing but the kids had fun seeing the gang.
Then we went to the Polynesian for another Dole Whip for baby brother...he really couldn't get enough of them! Cinderella and Prince Charming had a little show in our hotel lobby minutes before we left for the airport. It was the perfect ending to our perfect babymoon with The Bigs!

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The Big's Last Hurrah {Disney Day 1}

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We ended our day in Legoland, hopped in the car and headed to our next destination.

The Grand Floridian at Disney World
The kids wasted little to no time to start having fun. We had a low key evening of swimming and  dinner at the resort. 
Surprisingly, Meyer made it up to watch the Electrical Parade. We had a perfect view from our room! 
...and look who woke up ready to go! 
We feel like we have the whole Disney plan figured out so we started our morning bright and early with breakfast in the stroller while we waiting for the gates to open. 
The excitement really builds when the opening show begins. 
The gates opened and off we went. The girls went one way and the boys the other. I was a little bummed I wasn't going to be able to do the roller coasters with Meyer this year, but it honestly worked out perfectly! I loved checking our photopass and seeing these pictures of them having so much fun while we were separated. 
We went straight for the princesses. Hadley was over the moon and lit up when meeting each one. She however did not speak one word to any of them! 
We met back up and did a few rides with little to no wait time, then we stopped for lunch. The kids were getting a bit cranky at this point and Meyer had his heart set on sitting at a table by the window at Pinocchio Village Haus to watch It's a Small World. The stars aligned...thank goodness...and that's exactly what we got! I truly believe this seat and cheese pizza are all that kept Meyer going at the moment. 
We all felt recharged, cooled off and ready after that. Hadley got her first glimpse of one the parades going by and was in awe! 
Meyer's next request was a kitchen sink ice cream. When in Disney World...
They ate 2 bites each and then momma made her way to the Dole Whips! 
We caught a quick ride on the carousel...
We found a nice air conditioned place to sit and Hadley caught a much needed nap! 
The boys kept on moving! 
We ended up having to wake Hadley to make our fastpass time to meet her FAVORITE! I was a little worried she would be out of sorts after literally being woken up moments before, but she was all smiles! 
This was one of my favorite things we did that day. Ariel was great! 
...and even played along with our sassy diva!
We did the Ariel ride for the 2nd time that day after this and she was literally loving life! The boys were keeping pretty busy too. 
We ended the day with Enchanted Tales with Belle. It was cute, but I'm not sure I would do it again. 

I still can't believe we did it, but we rocked 10 solid hours in the park that day! I'm so glad we did because we had a GREAT day. 

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