18 Months Old {Baker}

Friday, April 27, 2018

This cute guy is officially 18 months old!! 
You can almost always find him with a smile plastered on that sweet and silly face. 
He loves to dance, especially to his Kindermusik songs and Mickey Mouse. 
Just like his big brother, his favorite toys are not toys at all. All electronics are "Hewos" (Hellos). Just like last month his vocabulary is still exploding and the way he says certain words is just too much!! This is the magical age where they start saying, "Hold you" when they want picked up. It's like my most favorite thing in the world!! Baker's sounds like "Hose you!" One of his other favorite things to say is "Thank You" which comes out like "Sank oooh" and he's very appropriate when he says it. Sweet guy. 
He's a little stinker these days getting into (and climbing on) anything and everything. 
 This is one of his favorite little nooks. He climbs up as fast as he can like I might get him before he gets all settled in. He's definitely testing boundaries and while my other two at this age had experienced time out...that big booty has never made it there. Third kid, momma's baby problems!
He is still super obsessed with his blankie and paci. Meyer called it his "nee nee" as a baby, so we have always referred to it as that. Baker actually sounds more like he's saying "mimi" when he wants them but for the most part we know what he means (unless the real Mimi is around). 
He loves to put it over his face and walk around. He's ran into several walls doing so, but he finally got smarter...
 and now you can see his little eyeball peek out the side!
He was doing so good leaving his paci and blankie in his bed every morning, until THE sickness. Oh the sickness over the last month. It was quite the ordeal. 
 On April 11th, our poor little buddy had his very first fever which lead to a very scary febrile seizure. It lasted close to 10 minutes, which earned him an ambulance ride.
 They gave him a large dose of Versed to stop the seizure, which completely knocked him out and led to an overnight hospitalization. The following morning he tested positive for strep throat. The doctor was a little surprised since most kids don't get strep before 2 but Hadley had recently had it so it wasn't that odd. At this point, we knew what caused the fever and he got an antibiotic shot and we went home.
 I expected a rapid recovery at that point, but it's not what happened. A day later he started with another super high fever and was very lethargic. We kept him medicated to prevent another seizure but he just wasn't bouncing back.
 The very next day, I took him to urgent care and he tested positive for Flu B. They tested him in the ER and it was negative so he either got it in the hospital or the original test was a false negative.
 At this point, we had a very sick little boy.
The weekend came and went and Monday morning he was still running a super high fever. I decided to take him to his regular pediatrician at that point, and she found a double ear infection. I mean this kid just couldn't win!
 Again, expecting a pretty quick recovery once we started antibiotics. This time he did get to feeling better but the very next week, a fever started again. We were back at the doctor and discovered his ears just weren't getting better. Finally, after Augmentin, he seems to be totally back to himself. Although, he is completely traumatized and will likely scream stepping foot in any doctors office or hospital for who knows how long.
While I hated him being so sick and not being able to help him, I soaked up those days and days of snuggling my big baby!!! As long as his Baba and Mimi aren't around, he's a total momma's boy. If Baba is around, everyone else can forget it...she's his very best friend. It's actually quite traumatic for him every time they have to separate. He has always loved her but she was around a lot while he was sick (since she was already exposed) and his love has gone to a whole new level. 
Sickness took a big hit on his appetite, but not to worry, IT'S BACK!! He loves to eat a lot of things, but this crazy kid hates anything sweet. No juice, no suckers, no cookies, no ice cream, and most definitely no fruit snacks. He physically vomited when I put one in his mouth the other day. He has his 18 month well check next week (pray for me), so I'll update this giant baby's stats after that. 
 18 Month Stats
28lbs. 4oz (91st Percentile)
33.5 inches (79th Percentile)

It's hard to believe our baby is this old already. We sure do love our big and happy baby!! 

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Easter 2018

Monday, April 2, 2018

This year, Easter was at the end of Spring break. We chose to come home on Friday so we would have a day to settle and be ready for Easter on Sunday. It was early this year and given our never-ending winter of 2018, Easter was cold of course! 
The kids always start their holiday mornings like this. Looking for their loot! 
Baker was no exception this year! His tired eyes get me every time. 
The kids requested the Easter bunny hide their real eggs this year. Is that even a thing? I have just recently heard several people talking about how they did this as kids. Never in my life people. So odd to me, the Easter bunny listened and made their dreams come true. The Easter bunny also counted and recounted those eggs a hundred times to make sure none got left behind in our house! 
We headed to church early and had the Hermann Easter at Victoria over brunch. 
The bunny made an appearance and one little girl was super excited! 
...and one little boy was super scared. 
We ended our Easter visiting Baba and Dude, where the kids got their very own gardens to plant this summer! 

We had a wonderful day!
He is Risen

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Spring Break Reunion 2018

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Spring break 2018 was a big success! These cousins had a blast swimming and playing together all week at the Reunion Resort in Kissimmee, FL. 
We rented this super cool house with lots of neat bedrooms and plenty of space for this big crew. Baker picked his room first! 
 Meyer didn't waste any time before diving into the pool in our backyard. It was super nice having our own pool because the kids could be in and out all day as they pleased. 
 Mimi of course hooked everyone up with matching spring PJs! 
The resort had a water park on the property that we visited a couple of times to shake things up! 
 It's where Baker discovered his love for the "Poo". He was completely obsessed! 
He also discovered fudge pops. Pair that with the "poo" and we had one happy dude!
 We had plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained. Pop Pop led water yoga, we had pool dance parties, and took lots of golf cart rides! 
We spent the majority of the week just hanging out at the house and relaxing as much as possible with 5 kids in tow. 
 The matching outfits didn't stop at PJs. I know you're all surprised. 
 The girls spent a lot of quality time together on their iPads (insert rolling eyes emoji). 
 But not to worry, everyone spent an equally large amount of time together playing and outdoors swimming!  
 We took several walks and visited a couple of playgrounds on the resort property. Well, the girls napped, but we did those other things. 
 We also checked out Disney Springs one evening for dinner and cupcakes! 

It was a great week spent with one of our favorite cousin crews. We can't for Disney with these guys in May! 

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