November Happenings

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We always start the month of November celebrating our Goddaughter, Emme Bain. 3 years ago this sweet girl came into our lives and continues to steal our hearts daily. She's wild and crazy, sweet and sassy and as beautiful as can be! We love you Em. 
We moved right along to our annual March of Dimes Signature Chef's Auction. As usual, it was so much fun working with these ladies and seeing it all come together. We are so happy to call this another great success and are looking forward to a bigger and better year in 2015. 
  My co-chair for this event is one of my very best friends, and coincidentally we were leaving for vacation with her and her husband the following Sunday. Work hard! The timing was perfection. 
Our husbands were attending CPE and chose a fabulous location in my opinion...The Atlantis in the Bahamas. We enjoyed long and peaceful dinners.
This gorgeous view was not terrible to wake up to daily. 
We celebrated an anniversary with one of the most precious couples around. 
Visited the 3rd largest collection of wine in the world.
 Relaxed at the spa and ate and drank way too much! 
What a blessing spending a week poolside with this lady! 
We made a quick trip home on Friday so I could get back to take my girl to Breakfast with the Sugarplum Fairy! 
We went with these two sweet girls. They are so much alike it's scary! 
 Hadley was still borderline too young to really grasp this event, but she had these 2 big girls to show her the way! 
 Honestly though, she really truly loved it! She ate her weight in chocolate chips, sprinkles and sausage patties (she ate kidding). She sat in her chair like a little lady and was in awe watching the ballerinas dance on stage. 
 Thanks Ella for always being such a good friend! 

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Hadley Rose {23 Months Old}

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I can't even wrap my head around the thought of this being my last official monthly post for this last official monthly post for any baby for the foreseeable future. Excuse me while I go cry my eyeballs out! It's so hard to believe that my next Hadley post will be titled, "Hadley is TWO!" How did this happen? Where have the days gone? WHY is she so big? 

This last month started out great with our fun loving always happy and well behaved little lady. We were having so much fun playing dress up in all of her Halloween gear...
 We were running and smiling...
Laughing and listening...
...and then she got Croup. 
 This poor girl had it bad for a couple of days.
Her breathing ended up becoming pretty labored so we took her in. She was put on a 3 day dose of steroids and well...
 This happened. 
She turned into a monster that I didn't even recognize. I kept joking that she was "roid raging"...she was hitting and kicking and screaming, and if you know my girl...this is so not her. We finished the 3 days of steroids and while her behavior improved some, we are still working on getting our sweet girl all the way back. She is officially getting her 2 year molars...I felt the first one popping through the other night. I'm sure this is very much contributing to her grouchiness, but she's been so different lately. No doubt she is also learning to test our limits. Lately, it's been with Meyer. She will haul off and smack him or whack him over the head with a book or her favorite...give him a nice hard head butt. Meyer has been wonderful about handling this...almost never retaliating. He will just call for us to help, but bless his heart, sometimes she really hurts him. Let's just say little miss has been spending her fair share in time out. 
This is real life folks and it breaks my heart to see her so sad. 
Ok, enough with the negative. Along with this crazy out of character behavior, we do still see our sweet girl every now and again. She got her very first pink sparkly manicure this month, and I just love how much she loved it! 
We have gotten several cute videos this month. One being her new found ability to do a forward roll. She would do these all day every day, and thinks it's totally awesome that she can do one but her brother can't seem to figure it out. She will do a perfect roll and then stand up and say, "Bubba try!"...just to rub it in! 

She has always liked to read, but she has gone crazy with the book love this month. She most definitely has her favorites and insists on reading them over and over again. So much so, that she has started reading to me...

Despite the rough patches that have come with this month, we love her more and more with each passing minute. About to enter the "twos", I anticipate more rough days and months ahead, but it's ok. She will learn...we will learn and we will LOVE her through it. 

Oh and the best! She learned her name. I completely die every time she says it!

Happy last "monthly" birthday sweet and sassy Haddy Rose!

Mommy and Daddy LOVE you! 

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Halloween Happenings {2014}

Friday, November 7, 2014

Another successful Halloween is in the books! I'm happy to say that I squeezed by another year with coordinating costumes. I'm so dreading the day when this is over, but this year I won and had the two cutest storybook characters in the whole wide world! 

Meet Pete the Cat and Olivia the Pig! 
The costume ideas this year really stemmed from Meyer. He absolutely loves the Pete the Cat books, and one night as we were hit me! His favorite story is Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons, so we went with that version. It's a very popular book in schools right now, so he was a big hit there. We did notice that not many people without small kids knew who he was, but that's ok!
Hadley didn't have a strong opinion this year, so what better choice to coordinate with Pete the Cat than Olivia the Pig! How cute did she turn out? All costume credits to go to my incredibly talented mom. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I have a vision...she works her tail off...and my vision becomes real! I love that woman. Thank you mom! She made every single piece of Meyer's costume (minus the shoes of course) and made Hadley's entire dress. I found the leggings on Etsy and I made the ears myself.
We started our Halloween festivities a day early, when Hadley got to wear her costume to school and trick or treat with her 2 favorite ladies...Ms. Sharon and Ms. Kathy! 
 That evening we went to visit my grandma at her nursing home for a little Halloween party! She has Alzheimer's and recognizes only my mom and dad....that's it. This night though...she knew Meyer. She may not have known specifically that he was my son, but she knew he was hers. You could feel it. They were inseparable. He walk alongside her wheelchair and stayed close to her through the whole party as they chatted about this and that. I captured some great pictures that night that I will cherish forever. I love this one because grandma can only focus on Meyer...and little miss Hadley can only focus on the candy...typical!
 ...and then these next three
I spent Halloween morning at school with Meyer and his cute classmates.
They went trick or treating around the preschool and into the main school. Check out Meyer's teacher! She went all out with her costume and the kids loved it! 
 We visited Fr. Bernie in the Parish Hall too!
 A mom at school made these cute candy corn cookies for the kids snack...she made over 100 of these!
 ...and my most favorite moment was watching these sweet babies pray before having their treat. There is just something about these tiny kids already loving The Lord.
As a special treat, I took Meyer early from school and we headed out to Daddy's office! 
 Then made our way to Pop Pop's!
 Where they were thrilled to see their buddy.
 ...and Hadley found the perfect spot for shoveling candy as fast as she could.
 Naps were up next and then we re-costumed and headed to Baba and Dude's! We had to get a picture of Baba and her costume masterpieces.
 2 crazy kids!
 ...make that 4!
 As if we hadn't done enough today, we headed to the great grandparents to see some cousins!
 ...and then they put Elle down on the floor and I saw her BOOty and lost it! I mean seriously? How stinking CUTE!!
 Again, I guess we still hadn't had enough because we drove 20 minutes the other direction to spend the rest of the evening with our friend family! Wouldn't have missed it for the world!!! This is the only picture I got there, but we had a blast.

We hope you all had a great Halloween too! 

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