Hadley Rose {21 Months Old}

Friday, September 19, 2014

Just like that, another month has come and gone...
Ta Dah! 
 3 short months away from celebrating this girl's 2nd birthday! 
She is such a good girl. Easy going and the happiest little thing lately. Just a pleasure to be around! 
SO full of life and energy! It's rare to catch her without a smile. She can be shy at times, but is mostly open to all new things and people. School is one of her most favorite activities, as she asks to go every single day. Her eyes light up when Thursday finally arrives and it's "Hadee's" turn to go! She loves her teachers and her friends, always talking about Miss Kafy and Sharon, Luca, Bridgey (as she so affectionately calls Bridget), and Anna. We can't forget her favorite Miss Juji from Kindermusik too! 
Let's talk about this brother/sister relationship lately. They love each other...they really do, but these two have been fighting like cats and dogs lately. They truly know just how to push each others buttons and do it daily. Hadley definitely holds her own though...she is the first to chime in telling Meyer "Nooo!" if she doesn't approve of his requests. You should hear the attitude that comes along with that NO! It's quite hilarious how it just about puts Meyer over the edge each and every time! 
Hadley is absolutely confident that she is as big as Meyer and can do everything he does. You can't even try and pull a fast one on this girl! She has eyes in the back of her head and if Meyer has it or is doing it, SO.IS.SHE! 
Even with the all the fighting back and forth, they wake up loving each other every day and what more could I ask for! 

This month, Hadley's vocabulary has exploded! She can say so many new things. It's very rare I don't understand something she is saying when she is using her words. She is still having a bit of trouble stringing words together, but we're working on it. It's a wonder she is speaking so well, given her OBSESSION with #allthepacis. She can be seen sporting multiple paci accessories at all times when we are home. She is really good about putting them up when we leave, but they are a must at home. 
 Sidenote: How amazing is her hair? Body for days! 
I have to say, she gets her paci obsession honestly...
 Take one guess who this is a some odd 28 years ago?!?! 
 Like mother like daughter! 

We haven't talked potty in a while, so here is the update. She is mildly interested at times, mainly when Meyer announces he has to go, then heaven forbid if "Hadee" doesn't go too! She actually uses the potty about every other day when she wakes up dry from a nap. I can put her on and she will always go, for a "teet" (treat) of course. She uses the big potty only because sister has other plans for this little one! It stores #allthethings, including snacks at times. I promise it is clean! 
We have had such a wonderful month with our beautiful girl! I have been seeing a lot of hands in the mouth over the past week, so let's hope these molars don't bring our girl down too much. She has been a champion sleeper and napper as usual and drum roll please....she has officially moved out of size 3 diapers...just short of 2 years old. A petite little princess! 
 You are so loved sweet Rosey girl. We can't imagine a day without you around here! 
Mommy and Daddy LOVE you SO! 

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Mommy School {Ocean Unit}

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Over the past two weeks, Hadley and I (and big brother too) have been exploring the OCEAN! It's a continuance of Mommy School, a project I'm doing with H while Meyer is at school. Our inspiration came from Leah and Avery at Everyday Love
We started with a new sensory bin, and it was a total hit this time around. We have probably played with this most of all! 
Seeing the excitement on her face just makes me so happy!
She really got into exploring the bin this time, and our "ocean" can be found all over our family room.
I had a little more trouble rounding up ocean books, so we visited the library to add to our collection. If you haven't read Clark the Shark, you really should...it's great! Two of our books focused on counting and colors, which was perfect. 
She caught on very quickly with the ocean animals. Her favorites being the crab that goes "piiinch piiinch", the shark that goes "chomp chomp", and the whale that goes " big spash"! She can identify all the animals in the puzzle...
...and truly surprised me when I said we were going to make a starfish, and she excitedly ran back to the puzzle and grabbed the starfish to match! I really should have known better than to attempt a craft that included food. She did very little gluing and a whole lot of snacking. 
We made a family of rainbow fish! 
...and brother/sister Octopi!
They turned out so cute and were definitely my favorite of the crafts we did. Again, working on colors and counting of the legs. 
I have learned through all of this, that girlfriend loves stickers! So opposite from her brother. She can sit and entertain herself with stickers for a good 15 minutes!
"Mo stickers!"
We absolutely broke out our Let's Go Fishin' game. Hadley and daddy play this all the time, so she was showing me the ropes! 
I attempted a sensory bag with hair gel and our plastic Octopus and fish. 
Needless to say, she thought it was pretty fun! She really showed off her color recognition in this activity, correctly identifying each color fish. I was shocked! 
My kids favorite part of all of this, is the food prep! I just love seeing their little faces light up with excitement when they see what I've come up with next. 
We had blueberry fishy pancakes! 
These adorable hot dog creations!
...and my favorite, a quesadilla jellyfish, with string cheese tentacles! 
We rounded out our Ocean Weeks with an ocean bath, and they loved it! So much so, that Hadley runs into the bathroom saying "ocean...ocean" every night now. 

We are having so much fun with our ocean unit, that we are continuing it for one more week! 

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Kick Off {Soccer 2014}

Monday, September 15, 2014

Meyer kicked off soccer season on Saturday, and I have to say...what a difference from last year! You can refresh your memory with my *Soccer Star* post. 
 We had a beautiful fall-like day and Meyer was pleasantly cooperative. He is still by no means a super athletic kid, but his foot skills were seriously impressing me. 
 How stinking cute are these teeny tiny soccer tots? I just want to squeeze every one of them! 
 I was worried Miss H would insist on being on the field, because if Meyer does it, "HADEE" thinks she does too! I should have known better...her buddy Pop Pop was a much better option than any silly soccer game! 
 Meyer was much more interactive this year, which was nice to see. 
 But, his favorite part AGAIN was the water break. He did not like missing out on what the family was doing on the sidelines, so this was his time to check in on us. You know, make sure we didn't forget about him. 
 Between game play and water breaks, he had some friend hand holding to take care of...
 ...and his excitement level would go from 100
 ...to Eeyore in no time at all! 
 A unique one, that's for sure. 
 Not a single child like our little Meyer man. 
 ...and we love every inch of him! 

We can't wait to watch the rest of the season unfold!

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