The Night Before Christmas

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve Day…always a busy one! 

A favorite tradition of ours is spending the day with our second family. Many of you know the story behind this family. I began babysitting these kids when the oldest was 5 months old. He is 17 and there are now 7 children. It is absolutely crazy how time flies! We have continued our close knit relationship and are proud Godparents to the two youngest. They are truly family to us…no ifs, ands or buts. 
The oldest, Sophie, now babysits my babies…which is crazy weird but I love it so! 
Here is a little glimpse into our day…mad chaos with 9 kiddos opening gifts!  
Lucy of course stripped right down and magically transformed into the diva she was born to be! 
….and that was all before Santa arrived! 
Everyone gets a turn sitting on Santa's lap. 
{Hadley 1, Meyer 3, Isaac 13, Eli 12, Grace 9, Zeke 6, Lucy 4}

Even the big kids…never too old to BELIEVE! 
{Sophie 15}
{Gabe 17}
My first babies! 
The whole crew!
From this point we make a mad dash back across town (with a wardrobe change) to the children's mass at our church. I have limited pictures from this point. The kids were a hot mess during mass, which is just what we needed with the massive crowd. Haddy ripped one set of her pearls to shreds during the short hour we were there too! I guess I got what I asked for. But seriously? How could I resist? 
We finished up with the annual family cocktail party at Mimi and Pop Pop's, which was as wonderful as ever. We definitely missed Meg, Andy and baby Max this year though! 

Then it was time to get home…Santa had work to do! 
 …and by Santa, I mean my mother! The saint of a mother who simply says YES to any and all projects I throw her way. Again, making my vision a reality by sewing this amazing teepee for two lucky little kids. 
Things like this make me think about the future. I was so lucky to have a grandma and a mom growing up who could sew…make us anything we wanted…at a moment's notice. So for Christmas, this lady is giving me lessons and I can't wait! 

Stayed tuned for Christmas morning reactions! 

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2 Responses to “The Night Before Christmas”

  1. Looks like a fabulous Christmas Eve! :) And I am so jealous of Meyer and Haddy's tent... That is just fantastic! Wishing you all a happy 2014!! xoxo

  2. What wonderful traditions to share with your cuties! :)