Hadley Rose {13 Months Old}

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

As promised, I will continue with Hadley's monthly updates until she is two. It's only fair because I did it for Meyer, so little miss will be getting the same treatment! She is still changing so much at this point and I don't want to miss out on a single detail. The days are flying by…too fast for my comfort, so this will help bottle up what's left of my baby and give me something to look back on. Tidbits to remember and remind me just how crazy/wonderful this journey is. 
Haddy is just the sweetest little girl in the world. She loves baby dolls and stuffed animals with all of her heart. Just in the last month, her and George have become inseparable. No joke, this girl is obsessed…lugs the old guy around everywhere. He was mine and my brother's when we were little so it makes it that much sweeter. 
Haddy and George…sitting in a tree! 
There have been big things happening this month for our girl. She was just about walking when we left for our vacation, and we came home to a full time walker! I said it before we left, that she would be walking when we came home, and she was for sure. 
She still needs to pull up on something to get to her feet, but then she's off! 
If you remember from instagram, our girl spent a chunk of this month with the sickies. It started as a cold/cough…
Turned into an ear infection...
Then progressed into this pitiful mess of a baby. She had her first (and hopefully last) chest x-ray, which was so awful. 
You should seriously see the contraption they put them in. In all my medical training as a nurse and my years working in NICU, never have I seen such a thing or knew it even existed. I of course did not take a picture of my poor baby in this medieval torture device, but I found an image to show you just how horrible it was.
Again, not Hadley in the photo, but can you believe that thing? Thankfully, all was ok and she bounced back the next day. A weird virus possibly but it was scary! 
Sister has started to show some interest in the spoon this month. I try and offer it with every meal, even though she really just chews on it. She also loves to eat out of bowls! We are still working on finishing off the last of momma's milk from the freezer along with whole milk. She loves a COLD cup a milk!
Hadley started Kindermusik this month and she really seems to enjoy it! A little social butterfly wandering around the room from mom to mom flashing her cheesy grin. 
Her vocabulary is continuing to develop every day. She now says…
-Bye Bye
-Cat Cat
-Nay Nay (no no)
-Nack (snack)
On 12.29 Andy walked in the back door and she clear as day said, "Hi Dada!" 
I'm still working on capturing this on video, but just like her brother, she can do lots of animal noises already. Mimi worked really hard with her while we were on vacation and she has now mastered…
-Lion and Tiger (same roar)
13 months has brought the dreaded molars! One has popped through and she's working on another. 
She has been a little more clingy than usual and has had several early mornings, but overall it's not been horrible! Good girl:)

Speaking of sleep, she is still napping 2 times/day. Definitely not ready to give up the morning nap just yet. I only allow her to sleep about 45 to an hour in the morning and she will take a long nap every afternoon. Bedtime is still between 7-7:30 and usually up between 6-6:30. 

Happy 13 Months sweetie! 
 Mommy and Daddy LOVE you very much! 

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3 Responses to “Hadley Rose {13 Months Old}”

  1. Happy 13 months Hadley. Kendall had to get a chest X-ray and be put in one of those contraptions, she hated it. Such a smart girl. Kendall took her first steps but hasn't done anything else since

  2. OH MY WORD. The picture of that contraption makes my heart race. I cannot even begin to imagine how you felt. I am SO, SO sorry!

    Her walking is so stinking cute. I miss that stage!!! And how she stopped to dance a little? Love it!

  3. I can't even believe how big she is... And such a little beauty! :) Love, love all of the photos.