The 4th of July {2014}

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The 4th of July.
One, if not my favorite, of all holidays.
2014 definitely did not disappoint.
Beautiful weather...lots of family...lots of friends...lots of food!

I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking. I love them all and they are very excessive, but it's my blog and I'll do what I want! Don't say I didn't warn you.

My kids each had 999 holiday themed outfits, so we will begin there!

We spent the day poolside with my family and some friends. Thanks Mimi and Pop Pop for letting us play at your pool for the day! We wish you could have been there. 
 My mom and dad joined us!
 The Hedde crew arrived!
 ....and Miss Haven Marie was looking oh so precious!
 Speaking of little Miss H...THE best baby in the whole wide world! She is happy and content and will play for extended periods of time, all while just watching and flashing us that big beautiful gummy smile every now and again! I just love her.
Natalie and P joined us too. Hot mama...sweet sweet boy. I just love them too! 
The kids picnicked by the pool...
 Their amazing lunch, courtesy of Ms. Natalie H. Way to go momma!
Speaking of food...I got a little carried away myself.
 But the picture that takes the cake for the entire day, is this one. I mean, it screams summer time...look at that tan line!
We spent the evening at home, taking pictures in more red, white, and blue! 
We did a few sparklers...
 Hadley was very unsure of this situation.
Brother was more than thrilled, and wanted to use all of the sparklers in less than 5 minutes. 
I think my mom and dad were having fun! No? Love this!
 We got to see what Hadley looks like when she stays up past her bedtime!
She was quickly whisked off to her bed, and Andy put on a mini fireworks show for us!
My parents had a party on the 5th. 
Meyer had spent several days the week before getting all set up in the backyard. 
He had quite the set up. Baba helped him make special "ice cold holiday punch" to serve to all of his guests. He was very serious about this operation.
 There was a line waiting outside of his "restaurant" joke!
 While the girls managed the food in the house...
 ...the boys were getting serious about their upcoming show!
We did a few more sparklers and set off some smoke bombs...
 Uncle Joe playing with Meyer...brings me right back to my childhood!
 Then it was time...
 for the big SHOW!
I was initially stressing about disturbing neighbors and the show being too long and too loud, but I am the first to admit, it was really awesome! Here is a quick glimpse of Andy's masterpiece...

...and the aftermath!
 Meyer loved the first half of the fireworks, but after about 15 minutes, he was over it and ready for bed! I think he was just mad Daddy wouldn't let him press the buttons on the detonator...maybe when you're 4 buddy.

We celebrated with a BANG this year...and I know Andy and Noah are already scheming for next year!

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2 Responses to “The 4th of July {2014}”

  1. I never tire of Herman kids in holiday theme outfits! And one of your sweet friends is sending a backpack to our project-thank you for sharing it on instagram! When is your next trip to DC? We are going to make the blate happen!